The tenor Pedro Lavergne, one of the most important voices given by Spanish poetry, dies

Cordovan tenor Pedro Lavergne passed away on Saturday At the age of 93 After a series of successes and appreciation in the world of opera. with him die One of the most important voices given by Spanish poetryIs characterized by A musical that captured the world.

He was born in Bogalans in 1930, since his childhood he voiced his musical dispositionalthough there were two events that led him to his singing career: on the one hand, his confinement for three years in the Hospital Brothers of San Juan de Dios in Córdoba, where he was part of the choir and on the other hand, the influence of the parish priest of Bogalans, Don Ladislao Senostin, who organizes a choir and makes him a soloist. finished high school, He is awarded the title of National Teacher and goes to Madrid where, At the same time that he is teaching his classes, he is being screened for entry to the Spanish National Radio Chamber Choir.

after Take turns teaching and singing for a while, He dropped out of school and became a singer at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, while studying music at the Conservatory and Visual Arts of the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático. Don meet Miguel Barrosa, Singing teacher and, before that, a period of great esteem in Italy for twenty years, and this is the one who completes his training as a singer.

He is one of the few tenors who have sung for 16 consecutive years at the Vienna State Opera, as well On the great world stages, until you become Lyrical legend.

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One of the people closest to the substance is Manuel Muñoz Moya, president of Los amigos de la opera That he received the news “painfully”, because “I have many, very good memories,” he says. “It’s an amazing loss. Because Pedro Lavergne was Wonderful opera singer And he has triumphed in the great theaters of the world, from La Scala in Milan to the capital, ”concludes Muñoz.

For his part, the piano teacher Juan Miguel Moreno Calderon He also expressed his regret over the death of the tenor, who highlighted his great importance in the world of poetry, highlighting “Her endless possibilities and her power to connect on stage.”

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During his long and fruitful career he has received countless awards, including National Theater Awards for 1963 and 1972, Gold Medal of the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid in 1967, Gold Medal of the Circulo de la Opera de México in 1965, Barcelona High School in 1969, and Verdi d’Or in 1973 and Jussi Björling of Modena in 1977. Practically retired from the stage in 1993, he took the chair of vocals at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid.

Condolences Bogalans Municipality

he The Bogalans City Council expressed its regret in a post on the social network Facebook for the death of Pedro Lavergne, who was the town’s favorite son. “From here we pass on our deepest condolences to the family and friends. A sad day for Bujalance, culture and music.”

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