The tankers’ strike failed and was halted 24 hours after it began

The small carriers that managed to corner Spain in March failed the second round of strikes. Today, Tuesday, the National Platform for Defense of the Transport Sector reported that it had suspended the moves until today, as it had only been 36 hours since they began.

According to this minority union, the decision comes after “unimaginable persecution, harassment and coercion by various authorities, in which the right to strike and information about it as protected by law is not respected.” In the same way, they refer to another denunciation, Corporate threats Distribution to colleagues in the sector so that they do not support the protests.

Specifically, because of the “double game of continuous business contracts which, apart from the inability to report non-compliance in price, have served shippers as a legal weapon to base themselves on the obligation that their carriers have to provide the service,” from the association that called Mobilization as a result of an alleged breach by officials of a law prohibiting drivers from being paid below cost.

This is how the National Program argues in the little follow-up to the strikes yesterday and today. Some moves that ended without incident, which did not jeopardize normal cargo transit, as happened on the first call in March. Just yesterday a tire fire was recorded in Algeciras (Cádiz), as well as four tractor heads in Viliascosa (Cantabria), both of which are already underway. There were also some punctures in Eliscas (Toledo).

There is no support

The fact is that the association led by Manuel Hernandez found no support among the rest of the union’s employers. Realizing that it was not the right time to call for protests, companies in the sector a year later they were approved Historical claims From the sector, such as the same law prohibiting the payment of less than cost to a truck driver and eliminating the driver’s participation in the loading and unloading operations. Two standards from the National Platform assert that they are not being implemented with the complicity of the government, which it accuses of not having sufficient means to monitor compliance. Reason for calling strikes.

The pullout of the carriers is good news for supermarkets and other distribution companies that fear they will suffer a severe blow to their business at the gates to Black Friday week and the start of the Christmas campaign. Up to 600 million euros a day was at stake.

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