The Taliban killed the person responsible for the attack that left 180 dead at Kabul Airport (Afghanistan) in 2021


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the Taliban They killed the leader and the person in charge Airport attack in Kabul (Afghanistan) in 2021, killing about 180, including 13 US soldiers, according to US officials.

Although US authorities, who did not reveal his name, had already known of his death weeks ago, it “took a while” to confirm it, the EP reports.

A senior US official told CBS News: “Government experts are very confident that this individual is the main culprit.”

The same officer confirmed that A Independent Taliban OperationIn which the United States did not participate or cooperate, and that confirmation of his death was an intelligence work in the region.

Announcing the death of this Leader of the Islamic State This came after the President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential elections, although the administration itself confirmed that it was a “coincidence” and that it was in no way part of the election campaign.

This attack took place on August 31, 2021, in the midst of the evacuation of foreign nationals and Afghan civilians, after the arrival of the Taliban a few days ago in Kabul, where they entered without opposition from the Afghan security forces. The authorship was claimed by ISKP, an affiliate of the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

After the attack, a US drone attacked a site where the leader of the Islamic State in Kosovo was supposed to be hiding, although the Pentagon later confirmed that ten civilians, including seven children, were killed.

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