The story of Nicolas Cage’s Lost Child on Halloween Celebration Night in Pay the Ghost

The story of Nicolas Cage's Lost Child on Halloween Celebration Night in Pay the Ghost

here’s a glimpse of the story from the movie Pay the Ghost. When the holidays arrive because of a celebration, it’s less fun if you don’t celebrate it with your family. Starting from events held at home, to visiting several exhibitions can be an option.

However, what happens if all that excitement turns to disaster?

Stories like this can happen anytime and anywhere. As stated in the horror film as well as a supernatural thriller entitled Pay the Ghost. The film, which was released in 2015, presents a story that makes the audience curious and shudder in horror.

The reason is, things that are difficult to digest by logic are being experienced by actor Nicolas Cage who plays Mike Lawford. He lost his son while he was engrossed in attending a city parade filled with cheers.

Pay the Ghost, which has a duration of 95 minutes, is directed by Uli Edel. What really happened to Mike’s son? What does the perpetrator want? Check out the synopsis and short review below before you watch the film.

Paranormal Events
In an atmosphere full of excitement, the film Pay the Ghost opens with the story of Mike and his son Charlie visiting the city center to celebrate Halloween Day. At that time the city looked busier than usual. Many people selling and visitors who almost fill the entire main road.

Charlie holding a video recording device captured every thing that caught his attention. He then bought an ice cream at a shop. Charlie thought he saw something strange on top of the building.

Before he had time to enjoy the ice cream he bought, Charlie suddenly disappeared. Mike panicked and started to ask the people around him. Unfortunately, no one saw Charlie. Mike thought that this would be sorted out just by reporting it to the authorities.

The problem was not that simple. Announcement posters about the missing Charlie were posted in various corners of the city. Until one day Mike looked back at the recordings that occurred on the night of the celebration. He realized that his son was missing not because of human activity, but an invisible figure.

He also visited a psychic for help. What a surprise, a more devastating event of terror actually approached Mike and his ex-wife. He had to solve various symbols and legends to find out what really happened to their child.

Famous Star
The horror film Pay the Ghost presents the story of the disappearance of a child who was apparently caused by paranormal activity. Many strange events that occurred that must be disclosed by Mike.

In addition to the story that makes the audience’s heart flutter, another reason why this film is worth watching is because of the acting from some of Hollywood’s top artists as the main characters. Call it Nicolas Cage. He is known to be one of the recipients of the prestigious Academy Award.

Not only Nicolas, beautiful actress Sarah Wayne Callies also enlivened the Pay the Ghost screen. Previously, Sarah was known to appear in the crime series Prison Break. He was also seen playing in the horror thriller series The Walking Dead for three seasons.

That’s a little picture of the film Pay the Ghost. For those of you who like supernatural films, Pay the Ghost can be one of your must-watch shows

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