The story of an Australian castaway who survived with his dog for more than two months in the Pacific Ocean

Australian outcast who was Rescued with his dog after more than two months adrift in the Pacific Ocean It may set foot on Earth again this Tuesday in Mexico. “I’m grateful, I’m alive,” he said after arriving in the port of Manzanillo on the tuna boat that made possible the “miraculous” that he was able to recount his adventure.

Timothy Shaddock The 54-year-old and her dog, Bella, had left on their raft for Aloha Toa last April, from La Paz, on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. the seas had planned for A journey of about 6,000 km to French Polynesia, But their boat collapsed after a strong storm left them aimless.

With rainwater and raw fish they managed to survive More than two months into their existence, they were not even sighted by a tuna vessel owned by Grupomar, which was completing its last mission.

«I am grateful, I am alive (…). “I just want to calm down,” Shaddock told reporters after getting off the boat. “What I want is to be with my friends and family.”

shaddock He got out of the boat with a full beard and wearing a tuna company branded hat. “I crashed a lot,” he said of his days lost at sea, “and I also had a lot of good gear and tools with me.”

The arrival of the castaway was a major event. Grupomar’s president, Antonio Suarez, was there to celebrate the rescue, which was carried out by the company’s employees. “Life is very beautiful, and we were responsible for saving the life of a human being and a dog that accompanied him,” he said, explaining that The afflicted were treated by the ship’s medical services. “I fell into good hands,” he added.

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Suarez said so The boat that rescued the castaway is the youngest and oldest in the company And that this journey on which they find Shaddock will certainly be the last.

“He will gladly say goodbye to us (the ship),” he said.

The company – which sells canned tuna under the Tuny brand – said in a statement on Monday that the Australian was “over 1,200 miles from Earth” when he was found.

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