The story of a virus that never stops in Resident Evil: Afterlife

The story of a virus that never stops in Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife can be considered to be a very successful sci-fi action horror film. This success can be seen from the enthusiasm of the audience for each of the subsequent Resident Evil film franchises released.

This is also the motivation for the Resident Evil sequel to be made in the form of CGI animation in order to pamper fans who continue to follow the development of films and who become fans through video games.

2010 was the year the 4th Resident was released by Paul W. S. Anderson. Resident Evil: Afterlife still has Milla Jovovich playing Alice as the main character. The story continues with Alice’s struggle against Virus T which turns everyone into zombies.

On this occasion, Alice is in a different situation again to find out the mastermind behind the spread of Virus T. Before continuing to watch, first read the brief review and interesting facts behind Resident Evil: Afterlife below!

To Arcadia, The Hideout
Resident Evil: Afterlife begins with Alice searching for an area called Arcadia. Arcadia itself is considered to be a hiding place for humans from the T virus. The search has been carried out for months to find if there is still a human civilization that lives and escapes the T Virus apart from Alice.

Having not found any signs of human existence, Alice decided to rest for a while on a beach. Alice was surprised while resting she was attacked by a woman. It turned out that the woman was Claire Redfield who was brought under the control of the Umbrella Corporation where they were the first spreader of the virus.

Alice swiftly fought him and made Claire aware of the influence of the Umbrella Corporation. Alice and Claire decided to continue their journey together towards Arcadia. On the way, it turns out that Claire’s brother also joins, namely Chris Redfield. He claimed to know the exact location of Arcadia.

When they arrived at Arcadia, it turned out that the area was not an island but a cargo ship that had been prepared by someone named Albert Wesker to trap Alice and Claire.

Albert Wesker is considered the mastermind behind the spread of the T Virus with the Umbrella Corporation. It is known that not only was Alice previously used for experiments, but Claire was also the target of their experiments. Will they be able to get through the trap set by Alber Wesker?

Interesting Facts
In addition to the continuation of the story against Virus T by Alice from the previous Resident Evil: Extinction film, the story is getting more interesting and fierce. And there are several other facts from this Afterlife sequel, namely that they added new elements from the Resident Evil 5 game into the film, making the Afterlife sequel even more special.

Another incident during the shooting process also occurred when Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, accidentally broke the camera during a shooting scene. The camera is not an ordinary camera but a production camera that costs up to 1 billion rupiah.

There is another incident when shooting for Afterlife will be held at the largest studio in the Toronto area, the day before shooting the studio it caught fire. But behind the fact that is less wearing, Resident Evil: Afterlife is considered to be the second most successful sequel.

This can be seen from the budget spent reaching IDR 856 billion, but Afterlife managed to get revenue of up to IDR 4 trillion. That’s a little review and facts behind the movie Resident Evil: Afterlife. Follow the continuation of Alice’s story to save herself from Virus T by watching Resident Evil: Afterlife sub Indo on Vidio.

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