The story Cortazar dedicated to actress Glenda Jackson

Twenty, maybe thirty, we never knew how many because sometimes Glenda would stay in one room for months or be in two or four rooms at the same time, and there was also that extraordinary moment when she came on the scene to play the young assassin delusion Its success broke dams and created a temporary enthusiasm that we would never accept. By then we knew each other, and many of us visited each other to talk about Glinda. From the outset, Irazusta seemed to exercise a tacit mandate it never claimed, and Diana Rivero played the slow chess game of affirmations and denials that assured us of full credibility without the danger of hackers or courtiers. What began as a free association has now evolved into a clan structure, and initially light interrogations are followed by specific questions. Use elegancethe final replica of Snow Firethe second sex scene Fragile returns. We liked Glenda so much that we couldn’t stand novices, naughty lesbians, and beauticians. It was even taken for granted (we shall never know how) that we would go to the Café on Fridays when Glenda’s was being shown downtown, and at reruns in adjoining theaters we would allow a week’s lapse before meeting, to give everyone necessary time as in strict regulations , the obligations were determined unequivocally, and non-compliance with them would have caused the contemptuous smile of Errazosta or that terrible look with which Diana Rivero denounced treason and punishment. At the time the meetings were just Glinda, her amazing presence in all of us, and we knew no quarrels or concerns. Little by little, at first with guilt, some dare to slip into partial criticism, bewilderment or disappointment in the face of a less happy sequence, falling into the canonical or expected. We knew Glinda wasn’t to blame for the occasional fainting spells that clouded her gorgeous glassware. whip or end You never know why. We knew other works by its directors, the origins of plots and scenarios. We were unrelenting with them because we began to feel that our affection for Glenda transcended the mere realm of art and that she was the only one saved from what others had done imperfectly. Diana was the first to talk about the task, she did it in her casual way of not emphasizing what really mattered to her, and we saw her double delight in whiskey, her satiated smile, when we emphatically admitted it was correct, and we couldn’t help but stay at it, and movies and coffee and Glenda’s love so much.

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