The startup that takes ‘cloud gaming’ to the next level

A kind of Netflix for video game lovers is about to change the video game paradigm in the cloud. If the California streaming platform adds and removes titles on a weekly basis, in addition to competing with other giants, cloudthe Spanish startup “cloud gaming”, almost always offers all the existing PC video games through it I knowthe name of the project that is about to make life easier for many gamers.

“Play any game anywhere” is the motto of the company he founded Daniel OlmedoAnd the Begona Fernandez SyedAnd the Alexander Rodriguez s Alberto Manzano, and then the macro project is called Nware. Living up to its motto, this platform allows you to play video games streamed in the cloud from any device without the need for a console.

“We have a basic plan of 8.99 per month and a premium plan of 10.99 per month. In general, Nware allows you to bring all the video games that you have purchased from your usual stores to the cloud. You can transfer it to any device without having to install it,” explains the CEO and co-founder of the startup, Daniel Olmedo. Not only is it about having everything in the same place and being able to access it without downloading anything, which is something all “gamers” will surely appreciate, is that “you can now transfer it to any device without having to install it, even video games that aren’t compatible with Mobile devices or smart TVs, now with Nware they are,” Olmedo shares.

95% of the video games in the industry are also for PC. “With Nware, you can take them anywhere,” explains the CEO. “Currently, the apps we offer users to use on the web are Microsoft Windows and Android, and soon we will also offer the ability to run from your browser, such as Chrome or Safari,” says the CEO.

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While the competition includes a catalog of between 200 and 1,000 hand-selected titles, Nware, which is still in beta, offers More than 20,000 titles For users who have already gained access to the platform. “Actually, those 20,000 are all the content in video game stores. If tomorrow these stores really reach 30,000 video games, we will also give access to 30,000 video games, ”says the CEO.

The platform, which just entered into an agreement with Equinix — the world’s largest provider of data centers — already has tens of thousands of active users and a waiting list of more than half a million that it plans to give access to during 2023, when a massive opening will happen.

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