The secret washer button that allows you to leave your clothes like new

the the washing machine It is an essential device in the home. We all use it almost daily and it saves valuable time in cleaning clothes. However, no matter how accustomed we are to them, it is possible They still hide secrets that you don’t know about.

And there A button on a washing machine that few people know aboutBut it is very important. Do you know which one it is? If not, find out what it is and all you need to do after clicking on it. One thing is for sure: it will save you money on your electric bill!

High utility bills make everyone wonder how to save money. One way to do this is to try to maintain all the hardware properly. Just so I know Ensures that it is efficient and does not waste energy unnecessarily. Therefore, you must also clean them with absolute precision.

This also applies to the washing machine, which is one of the most used household appliances. Thus, to save, you have to use it in a timely manner and clean it regularly. To do this, press the stealth button on the washing machine, which will allow you to clean it as much as possible and save money.

The secret to cleaning the drawer of the washing machine

One of the dirtiest parts is the washing machine drawer. Detergent and softener residue builds up inside and ends up blocking the machine.

You probably already know this and clean the drum often. However, you may not have done it right. In fact, if you don’t remove it, you won’t be able to completely clean it.

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If you open the washer tray, you will see a colored lever. This is a ghost button which is why remove and clean it all with great care. Lift it up and you can pull out the tray. Once this is done, carefully clean all compartments and remove all traces of detergent, softener, and bacteria that have accumulated inside.

What should be used to clean the stairs?

If you do not want to use detergents, you can resort to a natural remedy such as citric acid. The latter is also very useful in other cases, especially for a washer-vacuum cleaner. It is a step that you have to do every month if you want to ensure that it has a long life and also works efficiently.

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Either way, avoid baking soda because it’s not a disinfectant. It is not recommended to use vinegar as it may eventually damage the metal parts of the washer. In short, not all grandmother’s remedies are used in washing machine maintenance.

These little tricks will help you save on your electricity bill in these difficult times.

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