The secret to effective farming lies in the sea

For centuries, farmers along the coasts of Ireland and Scotland have used seaweed as a natural resource that supports their agriculture. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that these organisms, which are packed with essential micronutrients, improve soil fertility and crop health. In fact, the benefits of it are that the newest food “trend” on TikTok is for people consuming the famous Sea moss or Irish mossPrecisely because it is a “superfood”. Interest in algae has increased today, largely due to the search for ecological alternatives that society demands.

The startup Ficosterra was born with a name worthy of its product and philosophy. From the Greek ficos (alga) and Latin Terra (earth), this biotechnology company from Burgos founded in 2017 is dedicated to the development of biostimulants, biofertilizers and soil stimulants based on various types of algae and microorganisms that favor maximum development of crops and plants. while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. “Our goal is to bring all those benefits that the sea offers directly to agriculture,” he says. Louis LombanaCEO of ficosterra.

“We were able to reduce traditional nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization by 30%, and reduce our carbon footprint by about 20%,” explains Lumbana. And the advantages they generate are not only beneficial to our planet. “We call it a triple win: better for the farmer, better for the environment and better for the consumer.”

And it is that the CEO ensures that his products are improving Crop return on investment: “On the one hand, it can increase production and on the other hand it can reduce production costs, specifically fertilization costs.” More specifically, “for every euro a farmer buys or for every euro a farmer uses on one of our products, there’s a return of five or six,” he says.

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The company, incorporated in “Hispanagar”, has focused its activities in Europe, North Africa and Mexico. However, they do plan to land in the US market, and will do so in tandem with US investment fund SVG Ventures, since only a few days ago the startup was selected to be part of its Thrive accelerator program. To facilitate this landing, they are working on a three million round of financing.

In crazy blue

Their sustainable proposition is why they’ll be attending the new edition of MadBlue, the summit that brings together the startups with the greatest social impact with major investment funds. “Ficosterra means providing the usual chemical fertilizers that have a terrible effect on the sea and our goal is nothing but to generate the greatest number of opportunities for all those who propose solutions to the many problems we currently face and that require more reasonable production models that respect society and our planet.” Peter PrietoMadBlue’s Director of Innovation.

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