The secret that has spread on social networks that will enable you to read a deleted WhatsApp message

The proverb says that “he who made the law deceived.” And every hoax on the Internet usually has a trick to undo. This is achieved by this trick, which allows you to read messages that have been deleted via WhatsApp.

This is a very simple and useful technique when someone draws lines over the text on a screenshot to prevent it from being read. In these cases, if we want to know what the conversation was saying despite the fact that the photo messenger doesn’t want us to, we just have to follow this simple trick.

First of all we must take a screenshot, which is a type of image made in different ways, depending on the mobile phone model. Once we are done with the image, we must modify it and modify the following values. Increase Exposure to 100, Increase Vignetting to 100, Increase Shadow to 100, Decrease Contrast to -100, and Increase Brightness to 100.Now all you have to do is enlarge the crossed out area to read the message, which will be readable without much effort.

Goodbye WhatsApp: the update that forces you to change your mobile phone

INCIBE warns of a new scam. They detected calls to users impersonating a Social Security ID, being asked for a code with which they received SMS on your mobile devices. It is indicated during the call that it is a verification code to receive the third dose of the covid vaccine, but in reality it is the code that WhatsApp sends to be able to log in from another device.

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The National Institute for Cyber ​​Security, based in Lyon, advises Those who have been victims of this scam, and have had their WhatsApp account stolen, should try to contact their administrators to try and regain control.

He warned in a statement that it was a process that could take a few days, but stressed that it was “the best solution”.

However, if the problem is not resolved after the application itself is informed of the situation, it offers the option of going to the ISP to make a change in the number.

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Also, remember that you Hacked accounts are used by cybercriminals to try to talk to the victim’s contacts and hijack their WhatsApp account in the same manner.

Therefore, it recommends that those who have already been victims notify their contacts of what happened by other means (phone call, email, social network, SMS …), so that they realize that it is not their acquaintance who writes. It does not ask for your verification code.

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