The second public execution in Iran, this time of a young man who was sentenced to death because of the hijab protests

Iran is betting on the death penalty as a way to try to end the protests. For the second time in less than a week, a young man who had been arrested in the demonstrations, Mahsa Amini, was hanged, and this time it was a public execution carried out in Mashhad, in the east of the country. And the news agency associated with the Ministry of Justice published pictures of the body of Majid Reza Rahnward, 23, hanging from the top of a crane, at dawn today. Two people have already been executed, but the blacklist will soon increase since there are at least a dozen detainees on death row.

Majed was 23 years old and engaged in wrestling, as evidenced by the profiles posted on social networks. Security forces arrested him on November 17 in Mashhad and the judge found him guilty of stabbing two security officers to death. Only 23 days passed between his arrest and the application of the death penalty, an explicit process by the courts that human rights organizations consider lacking in safeguards. Opposition channel 1500tasvi was one of the first to report the hanging and confirmed that the execution was carried out without prior notification to the family, who were only told where the body was buried.

It is noteworthy that the protests that followed the killing of Amini at the hands of the morale police had been thirteen weeks ago, and the Human Rights Organization (HRANA) had recorded the killing of 485 demonstrators, including 68 minors, and more than 18 thousand detained by the security forces. On the regime’s side, the official death toll is 200, including security personnel, and there is no data on arrests.

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Majeed is following the path of 23-year-old Mohsen Shekari, who was executed on Thursday and became the first detainee to be sentenced to death. Mohsen was accused of being a “riot” who blocked a major highway in Tehran on September 25 and wounded a member of a paramilitary force with a machete.

Sanctions on the Revolutionary Guard

The European Union responded to the second death sentence against a protesting detainee by tightening the penalties against the regime. “With this package of sanctions, we are targeting those responsible for executions and violence against innocent people,” German Foreign Minister Analina Berbock said upon arriving for a meeting with her European Union counterparts in Brussels. And the target now is the members of the Revolutionary Guards, all of them. A strong paramilitary body responsible for ensuring the security of the regime.

“Rahnavord was sentenced to death on the basis of a forced confession, after an unfair trial and sham trial.”

Mahmoud Al-Amiri Moghaddam,

Director of human rights in Iran

And they responded from Iran by applying the principle of reciprocity, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the punishment of ten people and five European entities, in addition to individuals and companies from the United Kingdom. Those punished, the statement said, “deliberately supported terrorism and terrorist groups, promoted and incited violence, stirred up hatred to incite riots, violence and terrorist acts” and “violated the human rights of the Iranian people.”

The regime’s leadership blames enemies abroad, particularly the United States and Israel, for encouraging riots to destabilize the regime.

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