The sea bridge to bring gas to Italy from Barcelona will be expanded with more shipments from Cartagena

Enagás, Director of the National Gas System, finalizes works on a regasification plant in Cartagena so that it can Reload smaller ships Heading to Italy and thus extending the sea bridge launched a few months ago from Barcelona.

Italy imported 40% of its gas demand from Russia, which is already less than 10%.

The purpose of this sea bridge is to supply gas quickly albeit in small quantities to Italy to make up for the lack of this raw material from Russia. For this purpose, methane tankers with a capacity of up to 80 thousand cubic meters are used, which are loaded with gas previously transported by ships of more than 210 thousand cubic meters.

This marine connection It replaces the undersea pipeline project Which was planned between Barcelona and Livorno and was suspended after the approval of the water product between Barcelona and Marseille.

Gas exports to Italy in 2022 from our country increased to 8987 GWh, compared to 1224 GWh in the previous year. This increase appeared since last May and reached its peak in October (2809 GWh). It was Italy The second most important destination Of gas exports, although it lags behind the first, France (36,757 GWh).

The Barcelona plant, the first to be built in our country (1974), also increased its exports in 2022 to 5174 GWh (4257 GWh in 2021).

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