The salary increase will depend on the situation of each company although 10% in three years is recommended

The consensus reached by the Social Agents of the Fifth Employment and Collective Bargaining Agreement (AENC) A recommendation to increase the salary by 10% for the next three years, even though this is the recommendation. Indeed, although the most overreaching aspect of the agreement is expected salary increases of 4% for 2023 and 3% for 2024 and 2025, the text obtained by ABC includes no less protections in this case because it is a recommendation not a binding.

After clarifying work 1% additional items for 2024 and 2025 – which will be applied in the following year’s increase as a higher increase rather than retroactively – and the total increase for three years may be 12% (the last increase will be 1% due to price deviations in 2025 already add to the increase in 2026), which includes text file protection from the economic situation.

Specifically, it was established after the recommendation that “the negotiators should take into account the specific circumstances of their field of work to determine the salary terms, so that the application of the previous guidelines can Adapted to every sector or company». In other words, the size of the increases will ultimately depend on the status of each company and sector subject to salary negotiation in the agreement.

Remember the agreement that companies have “highly uneven growth states, outcomes, or occurrences.” SMI increasewith a view to preserving and creating jobs.” It was precisely on this argument that the CEO’s refusal to include salary review clauses required by UGT and CC.

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Finally, in the wage structure part, the fifth AENC plan that will govern negotiations between employers and trade unions in the more than 4,000 existing agreement schedules in Spain will not include the requirement to revise the salary as such, but apply an additional revaluation in the following year as compensation but without retroactive effect. Additionally, the CEOE’s notion that companies should make pay increases based on their economic situation is still black and white in the agreement. An agreement that is also evidenced without reference to Corporate Benefits Observatory That will serve to regulate the volume of salary audit items.

Unions withdraw the threat

As a result of the agreement reached, the first effect that can be observed is a lowering of the tone of the union entities with regard to the conflict they expected if the agreement was not closed as soon as possible. For the UGTT, the agreement should serve to promote collective bargaining for 1,400 agreements pending Reach out to all those businesses and sectors where union power is less powerful.

union that leads Pepe Alvarez In a statement, he emphasized that this framework agreement “will allow for a more equitable distribution of wealth, in which all workers must participate.” The General Confederation of Workers also highlights that the agreement envisages “important progress” in the development of labor reform, especially in the aspect of employment employment, “which has been giving such good results since its approval in December 2021.”

“In a charter of these characteristics, the social partners are up to the task required by our country, providing stability to labor relations in Spain in times of uncertainty and ensuring social peace through a better distribution of wealth,” he affirms. UGT.

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The union defends that the agreed salary increases are in line with what union organizations have requested for 2023 and 2024, and guarantees that the introduction of the salary review clause referred to exclusively in the CPI “will help in part to mitigate the potential for unwillingness effects.” economic inflation».

President of the Self Employed Association (ATA) and Vice President CEOE, Lawrence LoveHe describes the agreement with the unions as “responsible and patriotic,” stressing that it is far from politics and electoral competition. He stressed that “an agreement will give stability to the self-employed, companies and workers, and guarantee social peace next year.”

Omar also warrants, through this Agreement, that wages In the private sector in the next three years more than in the public sphere. The ATA chief also appreciates the fact that the social agents have “the pinnacle of vision, sense of state and responsibility” to reach this agreement.

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