The retirement of the “baby boomers” will exacerbate the shortage of qualified workers in companies

If the discrepancy in the Spanish labor market, which contains at least 150,000 jobs that cannot be covered by Understaffing Despite the presence of a permanent gathering of nearly three million unemployed, it is difficult to digest. But this reality could get worse in the coming years due to the imminent retirement of the “baby boomers” generation and the absence of workers with the qualities needed to make the generational change.

The gradual retirement of the largest population group will lead to the loss of the productive fabric of about 30% of the labor force in the coming years. Therefore, the problem of vacant employment faces a double hurdle of An inevitable loss of talent Associated with longer-lived profiles, while there is a low influx of young workers who, in addition to the qualities needed to develop the profession, will also be required to master the technological skills that not only significantly enhance new digital occupations, but also more traditional ones.

Proceeding from this standpoint, the Secretary General for Vocational Training at the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Clara SansDuring his speech at the conference “Labour Market Transition in Spain” held by elEconomista, he pointed out the challenge posed by the departure of the population cohort born between 1946 and 1964 for companies, especially when it comes to finding an effective alternative to companies. These professionals.

Here, the government is betting on a model Vocational training prayerAs the main focus of learning for the workers who will attend these activities in the future with a degree of modernization that is now being added along with the technological development of the work tools. The education official mentioned during her speech that to these shortcomings discovered in the base of future employees is added the effect of ageism, which almost permanently expels all workers who have lost their jobs from the age of fifty, with a low level of reintegration into the market.

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“We do not allow talent to be wasted. While companies complain that they do not find professionals, there are many people between the ages of 50 and 55 who lose their jobs and never re-enter the labor market,” said Clara Sanz. He pointed out that “the main challenge lies in qualifying individuals to be able to carry out the replacement process with some peace of mind,” praising the role of vocational education and training at this stage, recalling that the levels of assistance for this type of training increased by 23% to exceed 150 thousand students in the centers of organized training.

Quantum leap

This shortage of qualified personnel is bound to cause a paradigm shift, particularly in human resource management and the need to retain talent. This was stated during the day by Repsol’s Director of Talent, Culture and Transformation, Enrique Fernandez doors, ensuring that “the key is to treat job candidates as customers.” It ensures that in an environment of scarce supply of qualified workers, aspects outside pay can also determine the ability to hold the company’s more specialized files.

At this point, we must remember that the problem Labor market This is essential in Spain. The bad press that vocational training has been subjected to in recent decades has scared young people away from using it and is the main factor leading to the current stock of job vacancies in Spain, which could exceed a million in a decade when digitization has already taken place. Inoculated at all levels of production and fields of activity, it does not necessarily relate to purely technological employment.

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Just a few days ago, the President of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi, warned of labor shortages in “a lot of sectors,” such as construction or hospitality, and was “open” to the fact that “serious work” could be done to fill those positions. “There are three and a half million unemployed, and the truth is that we lack people in many sectors and I’m talking about construction or the hotel industry,” warns the head of the employers’ association.

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