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Microsoft announced at 8.31 (Spanish Peninsular time) that it is investigating a series of issues with its services. The company provided more information to users in a link where it said at least these services were affected, but there could be more: Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Graph, PowerBi, and Microsoft365 Admin Center. This is how Microsoft described the progress of its recovery work at the time: “We have isolated the issue to a network configuration issue and are analyzing the best mitigation strategy to address it without causing additional impact.”

In an 11am update, the company expanded the affected services to Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Applications, and has already shown signs of starting recovery after determining a change in the Routing Network (WAN) may have caused a service impact. “We have rolled back the change and are watching the service recover. Some customers who have reported effects are also warning of a recovery.” As of 2pm Microsoft has stopped updating the issue and considers it fixed.

The US company acknowledged that the ruling could affect “any user” who uses those services. The Downdetector page, commonly used to log the fall on the Internet, pointed out how it affected several Microsoft brands since early morning in Europe. Among the affected services are Teams, which currently blocks text or video calling in thousands of companies, or Outlook, the company’s email service.

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The issue affects millions of users who work with Microsoft cloud services. Comments on Twitter ranged from bosses worried about lost productivity to companies apologizing to their customers. to the employees who celebrated the Leisure. In the social network, there were many examples of how the fall affected different users.

The fall comes after a few busy days for Microsoft. On Monday, it announced that it ended 2022 with a record quarter of revenue, but with slower growth and a decline in profitability, shortly after announcing 10,000 job cuts at the company. This week he also announced an unusual new investment in ChatGPT, which could push his search engine, Bing, into direct competition with Google.

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