The reason why hundreds of people throw soap down the toilet

Even though the toilets are cleaned properly or the sponge is disinfected, some ‘smells’ linger. We have to find a solution that will last a few days, also in order to save money, which never hurts. In fact, there are many solutions that we can find. Although I will tell you about the most strategic if you want to have a fragrant bath for several days. Let’s say the toilets want a part and constant cleaning wouldn’t hurt. Not just in the classic weekend cleaning, but passing through certain ingredients every 2-3 days. It must be said that not everyone likes to use synthetic detergents. Not only for the sake of savings, but also to feel a greater connection to the environment.

Here we propose a very simple and ecological idea so that your bathroom will be completely scented. Just take some apple cider vinegar and mix it with lemon juice. Mix it well and pour it all into a vaporizer. At this time, we spray the resulting mixture not only on the edges of the bowl, but also on the inside of the toilet bowl. We let it act for a few minutes and after that we are going to rinse it out completely. As you can see, little expense, a lot of performance.

If we need to remove scale from toilets, for example, it is not necessary to make great efforts. The only thing we need is our baking soda, which is useful for many purposes, for example to eliminate the unpleasant smell of the dishwasher. Back to our toilets and tiles, just mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a little water.

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In order to know the right amount of water, we must make sure that we get a kind of cream that is still thick. We will apply it to a clean sponge, which we will use to rub where there are crusts and stains. Once rinsed, we will dry it with a microfiber cloth and that’s it. And we come to the main topic of the article. Which is how to have a bathroom that smells great for days, effortlessly. A great solution, as always, comes from Grandma, who has winning ideas for the home. The solution is yellow soap.

It is enough to boil 500 grams of yellow soap, cut into small pieces, in the same amount of water until it dissolves. Once it cools down, we put the liquid into a sprayer. Add 15 drops of lemon essential oil. We spray in our toilet and let it run. We clean with a sponge, rinse and that’s it. As with any home remedy, always remember to refer to the toilet manufacturer’s instructions to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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