The reason why BTS won’t continue their music career until 2025

south korea group ring bts Millions of followers around the world grieved on Monday by announcing that seven members of the popular group would perform compulsory military service in their country of at least 18 months, with the intention of “We’re getting back together as a band around 2025.”

Big Hit Music explained in a statement that after the group was announced last summer, the beginning of a phase in which its members were more focused on individual projects, “It’s the perfect time‘to comply with the condition and that the seven ‘consider it an honour’.

The oldest member of the group, Gene (his real name Kim Seok Jin), will be the first to enlist “as soon as he wraps up his solo release schedule at the end of October”.

Jane, 29 years old, already He managed to postpone his enlistment two years ago South Korea’s Ministry of Culture said it will announce in December whether it will give members of the group a Exemptiona possibility that promised to stir controversy.

“The remaining members of the group plan to perform military service in connection with their services.” individual diary‘ adds a statement Big Hit Music.

All healthy men in South Korea must complete permanent compulsory military service Between 18 and 21 months Depending on the body in which they serve.

This announcement comes just two days after BTS premiered in a South Korean city Busan The concert generated greater expectations than usual due to the possibility that this would be his last performance in a long time.

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“Both the company and the BTS members are looking forward to They reunited as a group around 2025 After complying with its obligations,” the text details.

Consists of RM, Jimin, Jin, V, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook (The youngest is 25 years old) With nine years of experience behind them, the band has broken many records, won national and international awards that no K-pop group has collected before and is the first Asian group that managed to become a global musical phenomenon.

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