The Pulitzers recognize “Fortuna” by Hernán Diaz

It was on the gates of Poker howeverluck’praise book Hernan Diaz, you can put the prestigious Pulitzer Prize stamp on its cover, starting Monday. The complex narrative has been given to the Argentine-born American “Copperhead Demon”, By Barbara Kingsolver, in the section on imaginary of the awards he gave Columbia Universityawards that the Spaniards returned to their record in the press department Emilio MorenatiPart of my photographer team News agency who have been recognized for their work in filming The first weeks of The war in Ukraine.

Coverage of this conflict, specifically letters from Mariupol, has also earned AP Agency he Pulitzer Public ServiceMost prominent in terms of media. It also led in this edition to “New York timesInternational Reporting Award, where The New York Times’ information about the Russian invasion and the Butcha massacre was highlighted.

Abortion, immigration, pandemic…

The explosive and historic leak by Politico of a draft US Supreme Court ruling that ended up affirming the constitutional protection of the right to miscarriage I only managed to make it to the finals in the breaking news category (in which a work from the “Los Angeles Times” that exposed the racism of local politicians was recognized), but “Washington Post” He won a National Journalism Award for a series on the consequences of that sentence.

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In this Pulitzer there were also prizes for Caitlin Dickerson’s work in “The Atlantic” that interpreted the politics of Separation of immigrant families By Donald Trump and Eli Saslow at The Post, with photo of effects Pandemic, homelessness, addiction, and inequality. The award for audio reporting went to “Stolen,” Gimlet Media’s podcast about Indigenous child abuse in Canada.

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in Literature and Arts awarded in the department Biography “J Man”photo by Beverly Gage Edgar HooverAnd other than novels.His name is George FloydWritten by Robert Samuels and Toulouse-Oloronipa. “the rule of liberty, Look at the evolution of the movement Sovereignty white from Jefferson CoyInstead, he won the history section Poetry I’ve been to a group of Carl Phillips. In music it is recognizedage‘, a opera By Rhiannon Giddens and Michael Abels on Slaves from Islamic Countries.

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