The Pritzker Prize is awarded in recognition of David Chipperfield’s sobriety

This time, the Pritzker Prize – the Architects’ Nobel Prize – rewarded sobriety, discretion and commitment to the utmost quality. Building less is better. David Chipperfield (London, 1953), with offices in Berlin, Milan, Shanghai and Santiago, it has always preferred to be on the periphery of the “star system”. In the face of the “wow effect” of the British Richard Rogers also Norman FosterWho He Worked With In the Beginning His work speaks of protection and guidance in a vastly changing world. He has admitted on more than one occasion, “My career has been built with a wisdom that has always bordered on conservative.”


Chipperfield grew up on a farm in Devon, western England, on the land (“perhaps that’s why I rely so much on simplicity and steer clear of convolutions”), dreaming of becoming a veterinarian. He trained between Kingston Polytechnic and the Architectural Association, and began working in the difficult years of Thatcherism. Soon he was invited to Japan by Issey MiyakeWhere he teaches “the importance of brewing a cup of tea, or experimenting with bathing, or the color of the seasons.” He returned from the East, “guarding meaning, memory and heritage.”

This refinement of the concept – “dense minimalism”, was christened by critic Aaron Betsky; ‘Unsimple and subtle’, as the architect favored him – together with his interest in understanding context led him to subtle interventions such as interiors Neues Museum in Berlin – Serious damage after the Second World War – f Royal Academy of Arts, Londonand restore Mies van der Rohe National Gallery waves Lawyer offices in Venice. But also with ideas more closely related to office technology Amore Pacific in Seoul or in Pompidou Museum, West Bund, Shanghai (Museums are his forte). “His buildings will always stand the test of time because the ultimate goal of his operation is to serve the common good,” said Alejandro Aravena, Pritzker Jury Chair.

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Refuge in A Coruña

Chipperfield has a more than professional relationship with Spain. About 30 years ago, a house was built in Corobedo (A Coruña), overlooking the ruins of the Atlantic Ocean, the family hideout where he was separated from the noise and the errands, and where he received the award announcement. But the building is also theirs Felice e Ventes from ValenciaReshow Oval walk in Teruelnails Social housing in Villaverde (Madrid) f City of Justice, which united 17 judicial offices scattered throughout Barcelona and L’Hospitalet, resulting in the appearance of a large building divided into cubes alternating relative to each other and interconnected in a public square. There was controversy, the government changed, one of the blocks disappeared and he was stunned by the lack of dialogue with the future occupants of the space.

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At this point, and having designed more than 100 projects, including commercial buildings, urban plans, residential buildings, and projects for cultural institutions, he declared yesterday that he was “overwhelmed” by the knowledge of the Pritzker ruling, which he highlighted as “an extreme architect in his book.” Moderation in showing his respect for history and culture.”

Chipperfield, what? He will be awarded the Pritzker Prize in May in Athens, As he plans to reshape and expand the National Archaeological Museum, yesterday he wanted to record his moral duty. “We architects can play a more prominent and committed role in creating not only a more beautiful world but also a more just and sustainable world. We must rise to the occasion and help the next generation to accept this responsibility with vision and courage,” she said.

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