The princesses are sad, goodbye to the fairy tale

On December 2 it opened in Spain Rebellious Empressthe original address corset, after going through festivals such as Cannes, Toronto and San Sebastian. Directed by the Austrian Mary Kreutzer It tells the story of Elisabeth of Austria, better known as Sisi. The vision that the filmmaker has of the Empress has little or nothing to do with the vision of the Austrian trilogy in which she starred. Romy Schneider In the 1950s, as romanticism eradicates the character’s complexity and misery and softens the rougher aspects of his life.

Brilliantly translated by Vicki Krebs (invisible thread), Kreutzer’s Sissi is a 40-year-old woman who gets drunk at court and is deeply unhappy. that it A free woman is not allowed, a woman who realizes she lives in a world that oppresses and denies her, a caged force of nature. Agreements, obligations and assaults (the surveillance and surveillance she is subjected to, for example, tarnishing her self-image) end in her destruction, but until the last moment, even without force, His body and emotions decide to fight, flee, and desire.

Goodbye fairy tales

corset Coinciding with another show about Sissi, the Netflix series empress, gentler and less dark, but not without a certain critical approach and willingness to observe the character from a contemporary perspective. However, it is more related to other recent films that are also based on the need to change the fictional story around female characters that already exist. In these films, there is a Wanting to tell these women from less than ideal anglesTo bring to light their stories and explain what was going through their heads and their guts, which in most cases was pure grief to see their desires (for freedom, to have an identity) hit a wall.

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In short, let’s do them some justice. clear example Spencer (2021), by Pablo Larraín, in which Kristen Stewart gives life to Diana, Princess of Wales. Relying on Stewart’s spectacle and performance, the director eschews the traditional autobiography of isolating and representing anxiety, loneliness, and the ever-present feeling of being in the wrong place in life. Lady Di, a woman who, like Sissy, is admired as much as she is subject to social and intimate scrutiny. A lot of that was already in another movie directed by Laraine, Jackie (2016), about Jacqueline Kennedy’s combination of strength and powerlessness During the hours and days following the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy. Still more than in corsetin this almost double fantasy film, evades traditional biography and psychological prevails over narrative with one goal: to put an end to mythical stories, remove those characters from the fairy tale and tell them that they are the real women.

Plus Controversial, problematic and debatable that these three films, Blonde (2022), a free approximation of the figure Marilyn Monroe, too, avoids idealizing the real person And he suggests a more crude story. Directed by Andrew Dominick based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, however, the film breaks away from something central to other films: the constant struggle between the strength of the heroes (they decide, they fight, they don’t embrace the role of victims) and the cruelty of the world (masculinity and colossal misogyny) that was They have to live in it. in Blonde There is a lot of the second and less than the first.

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Obviously, it is impossible to think of films like corset s Spencer Not to mention “Marie Antoinette” (2006). It’s been 16 years since Sofia Coppola (Virgin suicideAnd the lost in translation) Apply those film formulas to Marie Antoinette’s teenage novel (Since his arrival at the Palace of Versailles). Its packaging was more poppy, sweeter, and floral than the other films mentioned in this article, but the heart was the same. A few days ago, Sofia Coppola shared on her Instagram a photo of a clapperboard from a movie shoot Priscillahis new movie. That Priscilla is Priscilla Presley, and she will be played by young actress Kylie Spaney. (Seen in mare east town). Not many details about the movie have been revealed, but it is known that it is based on Elvis and mea book published in 1985 in which Priscilla Presley recounts her romantic relationship with Elvis.

You never know, but given what Sofia Coppola described as a nobody female scourgeand also the struggle between the freedom and desire of the heroes of his films and the hostility of the context, everything indicates that his Priscilla will also be (right and despite the fight not to be) Sad princess

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