The prices of boxes and chairs for Holy Week in Cordoba in 2023 will rise by about 10%

after Several years without a hiketo gather Fraternities and fraternities Prices will increase Official racing boxes and chairs Cordoba Holy Week 2023 around 10%. the head of the group , Olga Caballeroconfirms this increase after the IRS finally decided last January that Córdoba should do so Paying VAT for the boxes and chairs that make up the official race, Because in some places on the way you can watch the processions without having to pay anything. for this reason, The association must continue to collect 21% VAT this year For subscribers of the official race.

How will the prices be?

Last Easter, the prices of chests and chairs remained unchanged from the previous year, although they had been recharged Due to the need to apply the corresponding 21% VAT. This year, with an increase of 10%, the Chests in the Patio de los Naranjos of the Mosque-Cathedral They will cost 423.50 euros (VAT included) to 465.85 eurosand the external fundsl 363.00 euros to 399.3 euros. If the seats also rose by exactly 10% – a fact Caballero couldn’t say, although he confirmed it would be in that range – they would be charged at 79.86 instead of the 72.60 euros they cost last year.

On the other hand, although the chief Brothers and Sisters Association The exact day cannot be indicated because it depends on which platform you sell, Tickets will go on sale next weekMaybe on Ash Wednesday.

Why do you have to collect VAT?

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In order for Cordoba to impose a value-added tax, the argument of the Tax Authority was greater than the argument of the Muslim Brotherhood, which understood that Seville case Where the Central Administrative Economic Court (TEAC) exempted the seats and boxes of the official race of Holy Week in Seville from the payment of VAT, it can be extrapolated to Córdoba. However, in fact, it was this decision of the TEAC that gave a clue as to why Córdoba paid the tax. On the one hand, the resolution stated that “when the parade parades of the so-called solemn race during Holy Week are not thought free and free, that is, Reserved, exclusively for people who pay for itThe sale of subscriptions for seats and boxes to contemplate such rallies is a service subject to and exempt from VAT. It will be understood that the contemplation of parades is not exclusively confined to those who pay, when an audience which does not, even without access to areas of chairs or chests, can contemplate parade marches normally, throughout or part of the official race, because There is no relevant obstacle stopping him. On the other hand, the decision added:If such marches can usually be contemplated by any person, by the whole or part of the official professionwithout having to pay for it, that is, if access to it is free and free, the sale of subscriptions for seats and boxes would in this case constitute an objective service and Not exempt from value added taxtaxed at the general rate of 21%.”

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The latter is what happens in Cordoba In different areas of the official race, such as the Patio de los Naranjos, where you can access freely and free of charge during parade parades which, in addition, are part of the official race. Not only does this happen at the Patio de los Naranjos of the Mosque-Cathedral, however Also at the start of the official tour in Puerta del Puente.

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