The premiere of the movie | Emmanuel Criales explores trans identity from an autobiographical perspective in his book L’immensità.

Thanks to titles such as “Respiro” (2002) and “Nuovomondo” (2006), Emmanuel Criales He was confirmed for many years as one of Europe’s most famous filmmakers, but he had to wait until now to turn the film he had always wanted to become a reality. “It’s been in my head for decades; after shooting each of my previous films, it has always said the same thing to me:”Limincita Next will be ” , but I never felt ready or confident enough” The Italian director admits. “I needed time to get to know myself and master the language of cinema. It is, after all, about CV workin that childhood that Kiriales was trapped in the girl’s body And in a place – conservative Rome in the 1970s – gender dysphonia did not yet exist. Anyway, this isn’t a movie about gender identity, he explains. “Like all my previous films, above all it talks about the family. Specifically, about the innocence of some children, about their relationship with them wronged mother abuses of the patriarchal society & rdquor;.

Co-starring Penelope Cruz as that mother abused by her husband, “L’immensità” opened in Spain after a competition a few weeks ago at the Venice Film Festival, arriving days after Coriales revealed in an interview about her condition. transgender. “To tell the truth, I came out of the closet at the age of 23, but I did it in private,” explains the 57-year-old director. “I’ve never felt compelled to make a public statement; I’m not a rock star. I’ve always believed that an artist should hide behind his work. However, over time, I have come to feel a certain responsibility to all families and people who go the same path that I have” ;

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She understands that in terms of accepting gender diversity, things have changed. “Although the laws don’t reflect that yet, there has been a culture change, he thinks.” “I had terrible days, and I had to exclude myself from my family because the situation was difficult, and they expected me to stop being true to myself, which means death to me. Today’s kids don’t care about gender classifications anymore, they have different sensitivity; They know how to use new words, and they go beyond evolutionary Darwinian classifications. We must follow his example.

A cross in the leather of Kara

To illustrate its story of sexual oppression, domestic violence, and mother-child communication, “L’immensità” presents a series of dream-like scenes that include two musical numbers. emulate cruise Raffaella Cara And Patti Bravo. They are the first to appear on TV in my country claiming Strong and independent femininity” , says Crialese about Italian singers. “If I make films, I prefer them to them and to the other actresses and singers I have seen on TV. The anecdotes allowed me to exercise the freedom that life denied me, and in this sense it is no coincidence that all my films speak of different forms of migration and relocation.”

But if directing is so important to Calais, why is “L’immensità” only his fifth feature film, and the first since “Terraferma” was released in 2011? “In this past decade many things have happened to me; I have experienced The disappointments of love, the death of loved ones, and the stage of the Bedouins” to remember. “And if I have to say something new, and hate repeating myself, I must try it first; I need to immerse myself in real life. Despite the fact that I love my job, I also need to spend a lot of time with people who do not belong in this world, Thus, they have a more balanced “psyche”.

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Crialese plays the “alternate ego” in “L’immensitá” Luciana Giuliani, young man of both sexes that he was 12 years old at the time of filming; Before finding her, the director intended to portray a girl who was experiencing gender conflict like the one the character faces in this role. “But I’ve come to realize that for any girl with a gender dysphoria, acting in front of the camera can be a painful change in her identity crisis.” Among other reasons, choose Giuliani because she is a champion in the mini bike competitions. “On his first audition, I told him, ‘Imagine you are in the all-boys race and you have to pretend to be one of them. The test was embroidered & rdquor;.

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