The prefab house that is sweeping Spain: it costs only 8,000 euros

high housing prices And the search for different lifestyles makes many people think about the possibility of having a prefabricated house. Many of these potential buyers are looking for affordable prices, however without losing quality of life in front of an ordinary residence.

This option has been booming in recent years and so there is a growing variety of offerings. In addition, many are increasingly similar to those known as “little houses” which have an appearance quite like that of a regular house and which, in fact, are often used for campsites.

Even the famous architect Norman Foster entered this world of prefabricated homes with his price tag design less than 20,000 euros. Among the most prominent characteristics of this type of housing are, for example, its reasonable price, ease of assembly or diversity of space.

For a few years, this type of house has become very popular, but a specific model costs Less than 8,000 euros. These prefabricated homes are marketed by Allwood.

This prefab house is for less than 8,000 euros

This is the Allwood Palma3 model, which has an area of ​​16.35 meters, a wall height of 2.4 meters and a wall thickness of 44 mm.

Also, as specified in the characteristics, it has two rooms. I with With an area from 6.87 to 11.89 square meters Depending on the position of the wall and the second from 3.43 to 8.45 square meters depending on the position of the partition wall. It was determined that the second room could serve as a bathroom or kitchen. In addition, it can be assembled in 4 or 5 days.

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This house for sale is entirely made of wood and has sliding doors and is sold in natural colors, the painting and decoration of which depends on the future owners.

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