The powder that prevents ants and other insects from infesting your home

Spring is a symbol of new life, but also of old acquaintances who return undisturbed. As vegetation strengthens and makes room for new plants and flowers, mosquitoes, flies, and ants return, too. The pesky little animals that will keep us company from now until next fall. Therefore, to avoid the invasion of flies and mosquitoes, it is better to take precautions. Not everyone knows that there is a very easy and at least clever way. In fact, a leaf hung in this way is enough to say goodbye to flies and mosquitoes.

There are also several ways to quickly get rid of ants infesting your home, garden, or orchard. Today we are going to focus on some effective and natural remedies to combat ants without the potential dangers of chemicals.

Ants can be deadly in the home and garden. They can damage the entire farm in a short time. The presence of some ants is completely normal. However, the situation becomes complicated when an actual invasion occurs. In these cases, they should be kicked out of the garden immediately. Herbs are great for this. Peppermint and marjoram, but also lavender and belladonna, seem to inhibit the progression of these young animals. Garlic also plays an important role in fighting ants. Sprinkling soaked garlic over the plants is ideal. Hot peppers can also be used. Many people don’t realize that mint is an excellent way to keep ants away.

Finally, pyrethrum powder seems to eliminate the problem for good. This substance is nothing more than an insecticide permitted in organic farming. It contains special active ingredients (pyrethrins) that act on the nervous system of insects. However, care must be taken with quantities and uses, as this powder can also kill other insects.

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silver fish

Although its official name is lepisma saccharina You probably know them as silverfish. Although visiting the home of those insects Undesirable, you should know that it is completely harmless.

To eliminate this obnoxious silverfish from your home, the best thing to do is to check that it does not have any kind of moisture or leakage problem. And it’s those insects They like damp places and dark (such as bathrooms or basements).

When cleaning, from time to time is recommended Move the furniture A site to avoid the formation of “silverfish” breeding grounds.

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In addition, hygiene is very important to eliminate these insects, because they feed on all the organic matter that they find on their way.

Another trick to remove Silver minnows Home is to fill all the cracks that you find in the walls, corners, door frames or even in the ceiling. Avoid caulking the cracks with silicone, as they can eat into it.

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