The political center of the European Union is gradually shifting to Poland

Hours after the unification of Finland’s accession to NATO, with the delivery of the accession protocol this Tuesday at the Alliance headquarters, it was announced that the Finnish party had decided to change its European affiliation to leave the group identity (Identity and Democracy) of the Alliance of Radical Skeptics in the European Union with French Marine Le Pen and joined the Conservatives (ECR, Conservatives and Reformists) led by Poland’s dominant right-wing party, the Law and Justice Party. The resolution concerns the negotiations for the formation of the new government in Finland after the electoral defeat of socialist Sanna Marin, but also shows how the geopolitical center of gravity in Europe is gradually gravitating towards Poland. The Finnish party’s declaration is officially justified by the “radical change in the environment of Finnish security policy and Russia’s brutal war of aggression”. Its incumbent leader, Rikka Pjora, 45, was the surprise election in Finland, as he was less than one point behind the winner of the election, the National Coalition Party (which is active in the European People’s Party group) and with whom it would form an expected alliance. A change of European affiliation precisely will help facilitate this agreement, but this is also because Pera considers that ‘the Finns should be part of a group in the European Parliament whose member parties remain united in an uncompromising defense of Western civilization and European architecture and security policy’. Related News Standard Yes Finnish politics’ far-right leader comes second with her promise to exclude immigrants from social security Rosalia Sanchez at the head of the right-wing populist party The campaign focused mainly on the harm caused by the foreign population, in her opinion The ECR group, which he founded in its day, has welcomed The British Conservative Party, when it decided to abandon the European People’s Party, with this decision, not so much for the sake of the total number of deputies currently only two, but because of what it means in political terms.After Britain’s exit from the European Union, the main party of this group is the Polish Law and Justice Party, which Warsaw is ruled in a dominant way.Warsaw, Ukraine’s foothold Because of the war, Poland has become Ukraine’s main foothold in the European Union and in turn (or perhaps because of it) the United States’ main military ally in the region. Although the decision to admit them to the ECR group would have to be approved by other members, including Vox, the decision of the Finnish nationalists is undoubtedly an endorsement of the Law and Justice party, which has been resisting pressure from other political groups for years. Europeans because of their positions on sensitive issues such as immigration or controversies over homosexuality and interference with the course of justice. The second largest party is the Brotherhood of Italy, led by the current Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The arrival of Los Finlandes in the ECR group also means a gesture to improve this party’s image regarding the eventual alliance with the National Coalition People’s Coalitions, a process that will eventually help normalize the political associations of the parties of both parties. groups in other countries. In this way, the EPP, which is controlled by the German CDU and the Spanish People’s Party, can naturally rely on the ECR rather than the radical populists.

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