The poet’s deep silence

It comes from a vocal area, like ours. Many years of poetry, the Raphael chains He never raised his voice. His silence is deep, like a hunger-for-knowledge plea, and In his verses there is this mysterious escape from what seems to be said and at the same time is not said.

A poet whose voice obeys a passion that arises from silence. I saw him speaking openly, as if to say in his neck what his throat was saying, and I also listened to him (in person on the phone) and felt that what he was saying to me, what he was telling me, he just had the profession to write.

So his poetry is writing, which is exactly why he is more of a poet than those who read. For the first time I listened to him and treated him, I felt that some of his sorrows are patriotic, from a fleeing homeland, where Machado was fleeing.

So I asked him about that character who, being Andalusian, sober, as inward-looking as he was, being Venezuelan, who is also from the South of the South.

So I asked him about Machado. Paraphrasing the poet from Seville, I reminded him that he said of himself that he is a “strong playboy of the present”, which maintained “the astonishment that everything is extraordinary”, even though custom forbids this. So I asked him, and then he wrote me, in response, a long prose poem about whether this wonder is the fervor or the way the poem is.

I got a very long response from him, and I leave here the first two paragraphs.

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“Sometimes I feel what Machado’s wonderful phrase expresses, but Nothing is permanent, everything turns, something rulers must remember, Especially those who look like someone who still can’t accept defeat in the United States [se refería a Donald Trump, vencido entonces por Joe Biden]. Everything disappears, evaporates, said Rilke. As for the amazement, I’m amazed that so many people can sense it. I will now give you only one example: we know that all things have resulted from nature, without being directed by anyone, perhaps only an intelligence superior to man, which many scholars still call mediocre education, which is the same. This is found in any seed that will be directed to form certain plants. In our case, what we call the self does not direct any of our organs, thank God because if it did it would create chaos in the body. There is even a Chinese word that means “it makes itself”.

“There is also talk of the genetic code, with the acknowledgment that we know what it is. Isn’t it what is so amazing to you? I am summing up the gist of what I think: Ordinary, if you look at it, is extraordinary, but since we expect something luxurious, we underestimate the ordinary. Sometimes we don’t see it. All this I learned through reading rather than experiences. These, due to custom, cost more. In order to have them we must become like children. In addition to ancients such as Heraclitus, Marcus Aurelius, or Epicurus, whom I call postmodernism, for years I have read many thinkers of quantum physics, who led what Wittgenstein called the mystical concept, a non-religious, but ontological one. For the world to be mystical for him. ”

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