The Peruvian president insists she will not resign and join the armed forces and police

In a press conference lasting more than two hours and backed by ministers and chiefs of the armed forces and police, Peru’s president, Dina Boloart, appeared on Saturday to silence growing rumors that she was stepping down and telling Congress. To agree to early elections.

Congress must think and act for the country, 83% of the population want early elections, So don’t look for excuses not to advance the election, vote for the country, and don’t hide behind abstentions,” Poulwart claimed.

“The progress of the elections is in your hands, and the executive has already complied by introducing the bill,” added the Head of State, accompanied by the Ministers, the President of the Joint Command, Manuel Gómez de la Torre. And from the police, Victor Zanabria.

Yesterday, Congress voted against a motion to advance the election to December 2023, which proposed that President Dina Boulwart’s administration and Congress end in April 2024.

Bulwart recounted the situation that had shaken the country since his accession to power on 7 December: “I have looked for the Church so that she may be mediators of dialogue between violent groups and between us” and thus “to be able to work in fraternity and commanded within the canons of the Sharia”.

“I looked for the church to be mediators of dialogue between violent groups and us.”

Dina Polwart

President of Peru

He noted, “We cannot generate violence without a cause. Peru after the epidemic cannot stop, and Peru after the war between Russia and Ukraine has problems that must be resolved, such as the urea issue.”

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To these conflicting groups, which are not all Peruvian, I ask: What is your aim? closing airports and burning police stations and prosecutors, judicial institutions? Boulwart stressed that these are not peaceful marches or social demands.

Harassment by manhood

The president also echoed the controversy on social media between analysts and opinion leaders who are calling for her to resign from the presidency, while others are calling for her to resist and not leave her post. For this reason, Boulwart responded to this controversy by denouncing the presence of “manhood” against her behind the calls for her resignation.

«I want to say to my brothers: No to manhood. Why am I a woman, the first woman to take on grave responsibility in the midst of a crisis. “Do women not have the right to bear with nobility the responsibility which the people of Peru place upon me?” asked Bulwart.

According to a survey by the Institute of Peruvian Studies, between December 9 and 14, 44 percent agreed that Pedro Castillo had tried to dissolve Congress. Of this universe, 58% of those interviewed are in the south and 54% in the center. In addition, according to the poll, 27 percent approved of Castillo’s administration.

A person demonstrates and holds a banner against President Dina Boulwart during a demonstration outside the Palace of Justice in Lima


While Bulwart held his press conference at the Government Palace, a few meters away, the Prime Minister said Police against terrorism (Dircote)Oscar Arreola with a group of agents, without the presence of the public prosecutor, entered the premises of the Peruvian Peasant Federation, founded in 1947.

“According to General Oscar Arreola, there were 22 peasants, he said, accused of an aggravated terrorist crime, without evidence simply because they had banners, a ski mask, and there was no prosecutor to guarantee their rights.” the congresswoman told left-wing ABC Ruth Locke.

“I asked the prosecutor to have the plaintiff arrive, so he did, and hopefully the case will end without any arrests. Behind the ‘terruqueo’ (the act of accusing someone of being a terrorist), what is needed is to plant the rationale that Protest is synonymous with terrorismLuque finished.

“The state of emergency raises the sanctity of the house, but it does not allow the police to detain citizens without any reason, and even reduces the suspension of procedural guarantees. The building hosts demonstrators and acts as homes and shelters. How does this violate the rule?” Sigrid Bazin For the ABC, “The real motive of the police is to persecute and intimidate protesters, it is a discriminatory act that must be repudiated.”

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