The perfect prefab house for country living that costs less than a car

Rising housing prices and the search for alternative lifestyles are prompting many people to consider the possibility of obtaining a prefabricated house. Many of these potential buyers are looking for affordable prices, but without losing quality of life compared to the average home.

This option has been booming in recent years and so there is a growing variety of offerings. Among the most prominent characteristics of this type of housing are, for example, the ease of assembly, the versatility of space, but above all reasonable price From a few tens of thousands of euros.

Campero prefabricated house is ideal for country living

At the pinnacle of modern architecture, the “Campero” prefab house stands as a versatile and practical option for families looking for a home Tailored to your needs. Designed to withstand harsh weather and the rigors of rural environments, this home stands out for its solid structure and subtle detailing.

Campero prefabricated house model scheme


Starting at its base, a structure is reinforced galvanized steel Type E-220 + Z-275-NAC guarantees exceptional resistance against adverse weather conditions. White PVC windows, available in elegant wood or anthracite colors, provide lightness and visual appeal. The main door, which is fitted with a quality lock, not only ensures security but also adds a touch of sophistication with beautiful spotlights.

spacious interior

steel roof Thanks to its imitation of tiles, it allows you to choose the color that best suits personal tastes. And to complete this impeccable ensemble, a gutter system and downspout are included as standard, with attention to detail shown in every corner of the home.

Inside the Cambero model house


Spacious living room and kitchenDesigned as the heart of the home, it provides a space from which family life can be enjoyed to the fullest. In addition, the rooms are adapted to the specific needs of each family, with a variety of bed options. From classic full beds to double or twin beds, and even swivel beds, bedroom configurations allow you to customize your home to individual preferences.

Thermal efficiency and electrical system

The floors consist of a board composed of water-resistant wood particles, reinforced with a heat-insulating base of wood High density polyurethane foamIt is applied continuously. The interior of the floors is finished with a one-piece vinyl base, ensuring easy cleaning and unparalleled durability.

In terms of the electrical system, the “Cambiro” house is equipped Thermal magnetic panelsWith surge protectors. In addition, the electrical installation complies with all regulations set forth in the Low Voltage Regulation (RD 842/2002).

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