The perfect lineup for the brand new Fantasy is up to you!

55 players, eleven from each of the most important leagues in the world and What matters most to us: your opinion. With the new Fantasy MARCA we enter another dimension, with no time to lose, we want to shape up A perfect lineup would not be the impossible “dream team” in the game, Quite the opposite. As soon as we activate the Champions League, whose group stage begins on December 19, you will be able to look forward to the most difficult yet: uniting the stars of the football planet into the same team. We select applicants by demarcation / market value. You can vote under each of the top 5 and No comments added We read you and share on Twitter @FantasyMARCA.

Top 5 Spain

Ter Stegen (65.7m), Courtois (59.4) and Ledesma (43.8) are the most valuable goalkeepers in LaLiga in the new Fantasy MARCA. In defense Militao (76.6), Konde (59.7) And Arago (48,) and in midfield, along with Bellingham, Valverde (75.2) and Badri (73).

Top 5 England

Spaniard David Raya is the most valuable goalkeeper in the new Fantasy MARCA (54.9 million), followed by Bernd Leno (40.6). We also have more expensive defenses to Trippier (84.7) and Alexander-Arnold (71.9).

Top 5 Italy

Provedel (67.2 million), Meret (42.7) and Maignan (33.2) are the most valuable goalkeepers in Serie A in the new Fantasy MARCA. In defense, along with Min Jae Kim, DiLorenzo appears (82.9) and Danilo (80.9), and as a midfielder Zakani (83.5), Alhanoglu (82.9) and Zielinski (82.5).

Top 5 France

Donnarumma (57.6 million) is The most expensive goalkeeper in Ligue 1 in the new Fantasy BRAND, It is followed by Bryce Samba (31). In defense, Dante (65.1), Jirotto (64.9) and Mpemba (48.7) shone.

top 5 sec

Jose Antonio Caro (45.1m) and Luca Zidane (25.6m) lead the ranking of the most valuable goalkeepers in the Spanish second division. In defense they lead Arbella (47.7) and Tejero (47).

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