The perfect Bizarrap holiday in Zamora

There was no talk on Thursday about anything else in Spain and Latin America: session Shakira With strange It was an unprecedented viral bomb in the history of music. The excitement of the Colombian singer with her ex-partner, Gerard Pique, did not leave anyone indifferent. However, before this new media summit leap, the Argentine fashion producer had an affair with Zamora.

And it is that the beauty of the landscapes of Zamora leaves no one indifferent either. Among the thousands of visitors the county receives daily, there is always one who “sneaks in”. Tourist special fame. This is amazing summerparticularly at the beginning of June. The artist that these days is on everyone’s lips He passed through a town in Zamora to contemplate all its splendor Natural Beauty.

When Bizarab “fell in love” with Zamora

Gonzalo Julián Conde, known artistically as Bizarrap (BZRP), is one of the producers. The most famous on the current scenehe. His projects are backed up with the best artists Million hits on digital music platforms. This composer is known for his BZRP Music Sessions and BZRP Freestyle Sessions, which are sessions he performs with other artists.

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During his tour in Spain, Bizarrap “let himself be seen” in Zamorasince he posted a photo on social networks in which he stood in the town of Zamora in Puebla de Sanabria.

It didn’t take long for followers to realize the site, “But if Bizarrap was in Sanabria”One commented on the post.

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