The Pentagon drops a new object over the US sky.

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Updated at 9:22 p.m.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, gave the order this Friday to the Pentagon to shoot down an unmanned object that was flying in US airspace, over the state of Alaska.

The incident comes days after the US authorities discovered the presence of a Chinese spy balloon over the skies of Montana in the northwest of the country, which caused a serious diplomatic crisis with China. Montana is a very sparsely populated state, but it is home to about 150 nuclear silos.

Biden’s decision, which was heavily criticized by Republicans Don’t drop the balloon faster“It was taken out of an abundance of caution,” White House spokesman for security affairs John Kirby said.

The US authorities did not confirm whether it was a new balloon or a Chinese one, after it warned this week of a global monitoring program for military facilities in 40 countries around the world with this type of device by China.

Kirby explained that they also did not detail whether the downed object carried surveillance equipment, but that it flew at an altitude of -12,000 meters – which would make it a “reasonable risk” to commercial air traffic.

object It was as small as a carmuch less than a balloon dropped this week, which is the equivalent of three buses.

The object was located in the North Pole on Thursday night, and was dropped on Friday morning and fell into the icy waters, which is expected to allow its remains to be recovered and studied.

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