The opposition in Venezuela is destroying Guaidó’s interim government

Venezuela’s opposition on Friday wiped out the “interim government” of Juan Guaido, recognized by the United States, four years after a failed offensive to try to overthrow socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Assembled in Parliament elected in 2015, with an absolute majority and whose continuity it defends by describing the victory of pro-government Chavismo in the 2020 legislative elections as fraudulent, the leadership of the opposition decided the end of this figure as of January 5, by 72 votes. in favour, with 29 against and eight abstentions.

The initiative to end the transitional period, which has not been able to take real power despite broad international support, despite being given control of Venezuelan assets banned abroad due to sanctions, has been promoted by three of the main opposition political parties: First Justice (PJ ), Democratic Action (AD) and New Times (UNT).

This was the second of two necessary votes, as the motion requires a simple majority.

The first was on Thursday last week. The project to end the “designated presidency” received 72 votes.

A member of the Voluntary Popular Party (VP) of exiled leader Leopoldo López, Guaidó had asked the day before to keep the number of the “interim government” “above the names”, raising the possibility of replacing another leader – this proposal was ignored on Friday -.

Guaido declared himself “interim president” in a public square on January 5, 2019, with the backing of the United States and fifty countries, claiming Maduro’s 2018 re-election was a fraud.

However, this international support has been tempered. Although Washington maintains its official recognition of the “interim government,” it has sent delegates to meet with Maduro in the midst of the oil crisis unleashed by sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine, while the governments of Latin American countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina have turned left.

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The opposition plans primaries in 2023 with a view to the next presidential elections scheduled for 2024. Guaido looks like a candidate.

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