The Norwegian troll that’s sweeping Netflix

Netflix continues to be an endless source of surprises in the form of movies you didn’t expect much from that suddenly became huge hits. The last case is ‘troll’a Norwegian production featuring a menacing and giant digital animatronic troll, 40 to 50 meters tall, that mimics King Kong, Godzilla and other similar creatures.

the film There are no known artists. Its director, Roar Uthaug, is a little more than that, having signed on to a version of “Tomb Raider” starring Alicia Wikander. The story is very classic. The special effects are good but without reaching the digital extravaganza of Hollywood cinema. But this great environmental film must have something that has risen to the top of the viewer on Netflix.

It premiered on December 1st and has so far been in play for a little more than that 128 million hours. In Spain, last Tuesday was the third most watched movie on the platform. Two days later, it had fallen to only No. 7, remaining there in the top ten estimated by the series.

Already one of the most popular foreign language films of all time, “Troll” is currently one of the top 10 most watched films in 93 countries around the world.

Considering that Netflix measures a movie’s popularity share over the first 28 days of its availability, there’s roughly two weeks left to continue amassing and hitting astronomical numbers. I’m already over The last surprises of the platform“Blood Red Sky,” a bizarre mix of vampires and jihadist terror released on “streaming” in July 2021. This small German production has been shown on Netflix for 110 million hours.

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Norwegian folklore

Very simple, the story is very striking. If you’ve seen “Godzilla,” “Jurassic Park,” and above all, “King Kong,” the story isn’t surprising, but… Immersion in old Norse folklore Grants “Troll” an additional bonus. There is no dinosaur or creatures created by atomic explosions.

The action begins with two climbers, father and daughter, capping a summit from where you can see the majestic Picos de los Trolls. This is the Trolltindane mountain range, which rises about 1,700 meters above the valley, and is the goal of many climbers. But in the moviethe mountain has a magical background. The father, a teacher of Norwegian dialect and folklore, tells his daughter to close her eyes and let herself drift in her imagination. Then young Nora Tiedemann sees, carved into the rocks of the mountain range, the grim faces of several trolls.

20 years later, Nora is a famous paleobiologist who is called upon by the Norwegian government when a strange phenomenon occurs. In Dover, another mountain range in central Norway, a gigantic creature rises from the depths as the mountain is being demolished to make way for a modern railway track.

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Before that, a group of protesters shouted Let the mountain live. Environmental discourse is present throughout the film, as well as the historical bias of Nordic mythology: a violent Christianization process ended the troll race.

The explosion awakens the giant of stone and moss, and we have already corrupted it. While destroying everything in its path OsloNora is trying to find the right way to face the threat and preserve the legends. It is easy to become the most watched movie in recent times.

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