The no-makeup challenge at your wedding: €3,000 for the bride to remove her makeup

direction Ditch the makeup and bet on A The “washed face” look It has begun to permeate society. Recently, the actress Sarah Salamo He became one of the most frequented names after Goya’s concert by going without makeup. outside our borders lady gaga She was one of the greatest heroes of the Oscars for her performance also without makeup and in a casual style.

Our case is another fine example of this extension New revenge fashion. In general, the wedding day is one of the most important days in their lives for those who are getting married. For this reason, the two protagonists wear their best clothes and, in the case of the women, go to the hairdresser and beauty salon to put on makeup and try to look their best.

But is all this necessary? According to Tiktoker @tweet, no. Therefore, he decided to propose to his girlfriend, who was about to get married $3,000 (about 2,800 euros) to remove makeup. The content creator approached the woman in her car on the way to church and offered her money to remove her makeup and He went with his face washed to his wedding.

@sofiapiadiaz I offered money to the bride to remove her makeup minutes before her wedding 😱 #parati #viral #paratupagina #fypシ #boda #novia #retos #ptp ♬ original audio – Pia Diaz

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The woman’s initial reaction was doubt and crying because of the contradictions she felt. But finally, after much thought, The bride accepted the challenge and removed all makeup from her face. When she saw herself in the mirror, she began to cry, but TikToker comforted her with words of encouragement: “Whoever put it in our heads that we look ugly without makeup, you look beautiful! That’s you.”

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The story has a happy ending: the bride She was satisfied with her decision and received the promised money. But that’s not all, but the tucker met the couple again some time after the wedding and recounted the words the groom said to him: “I didn’t know you had clear eyes. I’ve never seen you so radiant and I’m in love with you like the first day I saw you.” .

sofiapiadiaz I found a girlfriend who removes makeup !!! #fypシ #ptp #paratupagina #viral ♬ original sound – Pia Díaz

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