The new WhatsApp tool: the arrival of video messages that cannot be forwarded | technology

WhatsApp is preparing a new messaging app that will let you record and send messages in a short video format. The first tests of this new system are found in Apple’s iOS beta.

The new tool will duplicate the playback of voice messages, but through the camera, so that users can record and send short video clips of up to 60 seconds, as reported by the WABEtainfo portal. This feature of video messaging has been localized to the TestFlight beta for iOS, at version And unlike what is currently happening with sending any video via file AppsThis newness will not allow you to save or forward the video message.

Image of playing new video messages in WhatsApp.
Image of playing new video messages in WhatsApp.wabetainfo

The specialized portal also indicated that video messages will be protected with end-to-end encryption, preventing malicious third parties from accessing their content. The ability to send video messages is under development and will be released in the future, as of now an unspecified update to the app.

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