The new search engine that will compete with Google finally arrives in Spain

The Google set themselves as student to Excellence Most users from Internet. More and more to appear alternatives Its main goal Change the seat To the internet giant though compete Against a single number is not an easy task, many jump into the pool and they try.

Recently, it has come Spain researcher Nevaand is characterized by the desire to distinguish itself from the rest thanks to euphoria Total that are offered to her consumers. This company was founded by Former Vice President of GoogleAnd Sridhar Ramaswamy and former Vice President of Monetization at YouTube Vivek Raghunathan intend Toast Users space where there will be tracing of activity by third parties and will not have Advertising Neither affiliate links.

Another side makes more Stupendous For this search engine, is that it focuses on ResultsSo can the user Choose Sources of information that convey the most ConfidenceWhether media or shopping sites.


Neva It is a user centric search platform private s transparent; In front of the search engine that serves Advertisers. The Internet should be a private corner of the web instead of a barrage of ads, Spam SEO and non-related information & rdquor; says Ramaswamy.

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In addition, consumers will be able Effect advantages that Artificial intelligence (IA) in the search engine for Getting higher Results Search. “we re-invention Internet searches give users control About sources through results Flour s securityAs well as experiences private s personalityRamaswamy explains.

Int Neva Coming Trample She expectations of victory they are High In just a year since its launch in the US, it has managed to add more than million of users.

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