The new presidential plane makes a “careless” maneuver a few meters above the runway

The new Argentine presidential plane acquired by President Alberto Fernandez has arrived in Buenos Aires with controversy. The plane landed at Jorge Newbery Metropolitan Airport with A risky maneuver that tilted the device about 30 degrees a few meters off the ground.

The new “Argentine Falcon” approached the runway and that’s when it happened About ten meters above the ground, they took flight again at an inclination of about 30 degrees. Soon after he returned to Earth, as reported by La Nación.

Major local media echoed the maneuver of the Boeing 757-256 that put an end to the transfer of the new presidential aircraft from the United States to Argentina, which was acquired by the government for About $25 million.

“Reckless and careless.” It’s the qualification consulted by aviation expert Jorge Polanco, who questioned the pilots’ ability to control the ship.

However, the Presidential Air Group justified the maneuver through a statement signed by Commanders Juan Pablo Pinto and Leonardo Luis Barron and quoted by the newspaper “La Nacion” in which they made it clear that normal movement.

In the document they claim that They asked permission from the tower Control at the airport to carry out “flying over the axis of the runway as a reception for the aircraft integrated into the air fleet.”

Like this section authorized controlThis is usage and custom each time an aircraft is incorporated or upon the retirement of a commander. These runways are permitted by erecting them along the axis of the runway without bypassing obstacles,” they add.

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