The new medical examination to renew the driver’s license: from hygiene to walking

Driving license renewal It is a procedure that consists of a medical examination, but more things will now be taken into account. DGT established a New protocol in 2022 for doctors to do more tests And have a look at more details when it comes to driving license extension. Doctors will ask more questions of everyone who renews the card and will also undergo cardiovascular and respiratory tests.

With the new regulations, doctors are required to do Report more Inclusive in which they must also includes data about physical appearance, Cleanlinessway of walking, or aid use. Added to this commitment to which the driver must submit Cardiovascular testsAnd the respiratory and psychological system audio And vision.

This is the medical examination for driving license renewal

These adjustments too It will remain in force through 2023since the DGT considers it necessary “to provide a new approach focused on facilitating inspection work, introducing criteria and breakpoints to simplify the decision-making process on competence and to enhance preventive intervention for the work of the Driver Recognition Center (CRC) Preventive Council”.

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The new protocol combines the basic principles of assessing a driver’s psychophysical capabilities, taking into account all technological developments and new hazards that occur on the roads. Starting from this base, the medical professionals responsible for taking the exam for license renewal will focus on Conducting general antecedents with the aim of exploring the patient’s current health status through questions. During this process, there is a brief inquiry about the driver’s habits, illnesses or way of life.

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Once an individual has undergone a full examination allowing knowledge of the best possible health and satisfactorily passes the criteria required to trade safely, the license will be renewed.

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