The new Israeli security minister crosses the “red line” of mosques

Ultranationalist leader Itamar bin Juffair And he inaugurated his position as the new Minister of National Security in Israel with a visit to the Temple Mount, or the Temple Mount, according to the Jews. The warnings of the opposition or the threats of Hamas were futile in the face of the insistence of a politician who visited this place on many occasions before becoming a minister, a settlement activist and a parliamentarian. The third holiest person in Islam A first for Judaism since their biblical synagogues are located here.

This situation was only a matter of time since Ben Gvir announced his plans to make this first official visit since his arrival in the ministry. It is not the Israeli prime minister who takes this step, but in his case it is seen as such declaration of intent For his recently begun mandate, as one of his political demands is to change the “status quo” for which only Muslims can pray. An agreement that the ultra-nationalist leader considers unfair and leads him to confront even the great rabbinic authorities who do not authorize the entry of believers into that area because Jewish law forbids praying and trampling on the place where the holiest place in Judaism used to be for fear of desecrating the Sancta Sanctorum.

The Temple Mount is open to all.Ben Gvir posted on his Twitter account, where he also wrote that “If Hamas thinks it can dissuade me with threats, it should understand that times have changed. There is a government in Jerusalem!” For the Palestinians to test their ability to respond and gesture towards the Jews who voted for them Racist and radical speech To transform the ultra-nationalist alliance of religious Zionism into the third political force in the country.

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Palestinian unity

The settler leader’s decision to unite the Palestinians succeeded in denouncing. They described what happened from the Ramallah government as “a challenge to the Palestinian people, the Arab nation and the international community” that will only lead to “more tension, violence and explosion.” For the Palestinian National Authority, the square of mosques is a “red line” that the minister crossed and that “will have consequences.”

From Gaza was the spokesman for Hamas, Hazem QassamHe stressed that “the attack of the fascist Zionist minister on Al-Aqsa Mosque is a continuation of the aggression of the Zionist occupation against our sanctities and their war on their Arab identity.”

They described what happened from the Ramallah government as “a challenge to the Palestinian people, the Arab nation and the international community.”

Words of condemnation were also added from abroad, but as it usually happens with Israel, they are just words and no country takes concrete measures so that something like this does not happen again. The United Arab Emirates, Jordan (Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques), Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey were the first to censor the visit and describe it as “excitement”.

Three dead in 2023

While Ben Gvir drew media attention during his walk through the Haram, the Palestinian authorities announced that 15-year-old Adam Ayad was killed after he was shot during an army raid in Bethlehem. He is the third Palestinian to die in the past three days, and the year 2023 begins as 2022 ends, the bloodiest year in the conflict over the past 16 years with more than 150 Palestinians and twenty Israelis killed, according to United Nations figures.

There have not been so many deaths since the end of the second intifada or the Al-Aqsa Intifada, which broke out after the visit of the then opposition leader. Ariel Sharon to the mosque square. 23 years later, Ben Gvir, a minister to the government of Israel, followed in Sharon’s footsteps regardless of recent history and appealed to the biblical right of the Jews to this piece of land.

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