The murder of Joaquín Sperani, the crime that shocked Argentina

the disappearance of cYoung Joaquin Sperani, 14 years old, I was shocked ever since 29 last June for a city Laboulaye, in the province of Cordoba, in Argentina. The minor was last seen that afternoon, when he was riding his bike to school. Four days later, his body was found. In an abandoned house, according to local media.

he prime suspect of crime He is another indisputable minor according to the law For a 14 year old. It is, according to Infobae reports, that A college partner spirani who was also a friend to the victim, according to his family’s statements reported by local newspapers. In addition, the mayor of Leboulaye stated that the alleged perpetrator of the events broke down and ended up confessing to the crime.

When Joaquin went to school on his bike on June 29 and didn’t come back, Friends, relatives and neighbors came to look for him. His car was at school however He never entered. Indeed, his colleagues claimed that they did not see him there that day.

From that point on, the collaborators would comb and track the area for four days, until they did On July 2, they found the lifeless body of the minor In an abandoned house 100 meters from the school. As reported by Infobae, who spoke with the research participants, the corpse was upside down and had injuries to the face and head.

he Presumed author From the facts currently in Center for minors in the province of Cordoba. The case is being handled by the Court of Control, Childhood and Adolescence, Juvenile Crime, Domestic and Gender Violence, and Laboulaye Crime.

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for now It is not known why Killing another minor. Indeed, according to Tallam, it was confirmed by the Secondary Education Inspector ‘No record of bullying’ towards Joaquín at school.

however, the mom De Sperani said, according to the Argentine press, that The minor is being bullied. Although at the moment the inspector rules out the existence of such bullying, you mentioned it YesIt will continue to be investigated And they want to wait for the outcome of the investigation opened by the Ministry of Education.

Among the search lines too Clarify whether there were other participants in the murder of Sperani. According to the local press, security cameras in the area caught the two minors walking together on June 29.

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