The most serious violations: the DGT remembers how to act in the event of a breakdown on the road

During 2022, there were 1,042 fatal accidents 1145 people died and others 4,008 seriously injuredwhich represents a 4% increase in mortality compared to the previous year, according to data from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

It has been 44 more deceased, But 425 seriously injured less (10%) and The trend has also changed with vulnerable users. According to the data presented today at the headquarters of the General Directorate of Traffic, the number of deaths among vulnerable groups decreased by 5% (22 fewer people). During the press conference they highlighted Significant decline among the biker communitywith 251 deaths, 35 less than in 2019. Unfortunately, the data between the vehicle’s occupants 44 cyclists died in 2022 (4 more than in 2019).

Conventional roads remain a pending problem, with a 5% increase in fatalities in 2022, compared to 3% on motorways and motorways. Altogether, the 73% of deaths were on these secondary roadsfor this reason 3 out of 4 deaths occur in classic cases.

The fiercest attacks

between the pedestrians The data is clear, more than half of the tragedies occurred Expressways and dual carriageways, up 58 from 2019. Of these fatalities, about 3 out of 10 exited the vehicle and only 8 out of the 126 deceased were wearing reflective clothing at the time of the collision.

That is, as warned by the DGT, and The type of accident with the highest fatality rate (deceased relative to the number of victims) is what happens When the victim fixes his car parked on the road. For this reason, it reminds the body that “when there is no other choice but to stop, Do this in a safe place whenever possible. And if you’re on a highway or highway, It is mandatory and safer to leave it at the first exit To avoid creating a dangerous situation for other drivers.

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The next step is Indicate the position of your carturn on the corresponding lights and Triangle mode also Mark V16the new DGT-approved geo-identified optical beacon, is in the right place.

Likewise, he points out Trafico, “As a general rule, You should not get out of the car unless there is a safe place out of the way, and always do so on the other side of the traffic flow. And don’t forget to make yourself visible with the jacket. If you cannot exit safely, wait for assistance inside the car with your seat belt on. ”

What is the new reference V16?

The V16 reference is New road warning system approved by DGTThink for yourselfReplace traditional reflective triangles. that it A bright and geographically defined beaconemitting yellow light, 360 degrees, high intensity and intermittent, for at least 30 minutes, which Makes the damaged vehicle visible from a distance of one kilometer.

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At this moment they exist Three models are supported by the DGT, although more will be added and may be consulted on the agency’s website. to From the year 2026 It will be the only devices supported through traffic. The V16 signal, once connected, and after a margin of 100 seconds, automatically sends the geolocation of the damaged vehicle to the manufacturer’s cloud, to the DGT 3.0 and to the national access point, where the notification is sent to other connected vehicles and all driving assistance applications in real time.”

This device must be carried where it is accessible from the driver’s seat (glove compartment or side pockets of the vehicle) and always charged. Purpose placed on the roof of the vehicle without having to get out of it, The window rolls down and only the lever comes out.

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