The most dangerous animal in the world according to Frank Cuesta: you would never have thought of it

Frank Cuesta is famous for causing controversy, presenter He went on the “Nude Project” podcast to talk to his hosts, from his personal life, But above all New animal projectthe “Wild Roads” program Get ready together to Vox co-founder, Christina Segui. He took advantage of his visit to the podcast to talk about the new animal welfare law, among other topics.

A few months ago he came The new animal welfare lawMany pet owners ask themselves the question What will happen now with your pets.

The most dangerous animal

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after talking about it Various subjects such as TV directingand animal welfare law and a few other issues on the “The Naked Project” podcast he hosted Bruno Casanovas and Alex Benloche.

After talking about his passion for animals, Frank Cuesta said that It is the most dangerous animal. “Human”. Animals have a different concept of life than humans. This animal is predictable some behaviors And do not change the style. They are not treacherous. “Man is the most dangerous, It’s treacheryUnpredictable ” Frank Cuesta on the Sweatshirt Brand podcast.

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