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The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona remains one of the major exhibitions in the world of technology. Although most of the companies that attend the fair no longer hold their launch for the event and come with a few surprises, some of them keep their fingers crossed to grab the attention of the rest of the attendees and show them all the achievements they have made. We achieved during the year. 5G has appeared in discussions, presentations, and stands for dozens of companies, but both those working with telecom and those not have also featured advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and software.

The robot dog presented by Unitree at MWC.
The robot dog presented by Unitree at MWC.Albert Garcia

Robot dogs down the hall

We have missed that Xiaomi has put its human on a walk, but another Chinese company has taken the opportunity to walk its robotic dogs (similar to the model presented by Xiaomi last year) exactly in front of the competition platform, organized in a circle to hug the metal animals. One in white and the other in black, the Unitree dogs showed off their abilities and resilience. Yes, flexibility. When one of its owners kicks one of them, it leans gracefully to one side to maintain balance. But, in addition, they also danced for their audience, they stood on their hind legs and raised their front legs, and when thrown from a height of half a meter, they fell elegantly. From his corner in the Xiaomi booth, one would think that the dim human being would be envious of the attention.

A new development that allows viewing images in three dimensions (3D) on a Huawei device.
A new development that allows viewing images in three dimensions (3D) on a Huawei device.Albert Garcia

Without glasses to see 3D

Huawei is one of the companies making the switch to 5G (and 5.5G), but it’s also shown software advancements with a demonstration of 3D viewing on a mobile phone for which glasses don’t have to be put on. It is usually necessary for the user to place himself at an appropriate distance in front of the device and he will see how the frog’s legs protrude from the terminal.

The Chinese company has also shown the public that its technology is capable of simultaneously translating a video call conversation: while one interlocutor is speaking, the translation appears as text on the other’s device. However, oral interpretation still has a long way to go. According to some sources, the delay is still several seconds and is not smooth.

Pictured is an interactive display of 6G technology at the Nokia stand.
Pictured is an interactive display of 6G technology at the Nokia stand.
Albert Garcia

6G, the future with revelations

There are already several companies defining 6G, though they all agree that it won’t arrive until at least 2030. It seems that this technology will be the biggest technological leap yet: sensors in communication networks will detect everything that is happening, from a car that can cause an accident because of its driving, to an animal that has entered where it should not or a machine that endangers a person (sending a signal to the first to stop and not harm the second). At the booth of Nokia, the company that stopped making unbreakable phones to work in the world of communications, they showed how some antennas detect pedestrians while walking, without having to hold a device on them; Unlike GPS, for example, which detects the device, not the individual.

Pet face recognition

A person uses a pet recognition app.
A person uses a pet recognition app.

Using Petnow, an app developed in South Korea, dog and cat owners can register their pet’s “face”. In the event that they get lost, by scanning them with their phone, thanks to artificial intelligence, they can check if this is really the animal they are looking for. In the same way that humans have unique fingerprints that do not change with time, the noses of dogs and cats do the same: each one is unique and immutable. This is the only application that can, at the moment, perform this function and, according to one of its spokesmen, will arrive in the app stores of several countries (including Spain) in the coming weeks.

“The fastest shipping in the world”

China’s Realme introduced its new smartphone at the conference: the GT3, which they say achieved the “world’s fastest charging” with 240W in 11 minutes. However, fellow Xiaomi Announce only at the same time 300W overcharging, where they claim to be able to reach 100% in five minutes. These announcements, along with previous ones from these and other phone manufacturers, show that one of the biggest battles is to achieve long-lasting batteries and ultra-fast charging that allows users to choose them, who, obviously, give them aspects of great importance when they have to choose. among the available models.

DVD Communications Carrier 1150 02/27/23 SK with immersive virtual reality inside a drone.  Opening day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC).  Barcelona, ​​January 27, 2023 [ALBERT GARCIA]
DVD Communications Carrier 1150 02/27/23 SK with immersive virtual reality inside a drone. Opening day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Barcelona, ​​January 27, 2023 [ALBERT GARCIA]Albert Garcia

Drone taxi by 2025?

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest telecom operator, has brought a four-seat drone prototype into its mobile space, which enables the most adventurous to climb into it, with virtual reality glasses, to experience what it would be like to go in a vehicle from This type across the country’s major cities Seoul and Busan. The company (which has received two awards awarded by the conference organization, GSMA, for Innovation for Cities, and Accessibility and Inclusion) intends to become a reality fit for commercialization by 2025.

Earn money for walking

Macadam is a mobile application developed by two French entrepreneurs based in Barcelona itself. It records steps through a pedometer on the mobile phone, and when a large number is reached, it allows you to exchange the accumulated coins for money. But it also allows you to donate it to an NGO, plant a tree, or get a product from certain brands, such as sports shoes or wireless headphones. Its creators came up with the idea after realizing they were barely walking while they worked, and with this app they tried to offer incentives to combat a sedentary lifestyle.

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