The most comfortable pants of the season at Zara

New season despite the cold Resists access to Galicia, Most of us have already made a famous wardrobe makeover, thus, We are already looking for and picking up new clothes It complements the fall and winter looks.

striped sweaters, cowboy boots or silver accessories, These are some of the strong trends this season. Although without a doubt the king of all platforms was the cargo pants. in earthy colors and with many pockets, Comfortable and perfect for “street style”. The stores are full of such models and it is really easy to find them on the cheap, but … Who among them is the best?

Users no doubt have the answer, and they’ve decided Zara takes the cake. The head of Inditex has brought out many models, at very different prices, but which model is really Succeed is 5520/265.

pair of pants It costs $25.95 and is available in five colors: Khaki, blue, brown, black and white. In the product description you can read: “High-waisted pants with side pockets, on the leg and faux pockets with a flap at the back. Front zip closure and metal button.”

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