The most beautiful and simple crafts to decorate your home at Christmas

Christmas is coming, just a few days away (hopefully), and if you like it Decorate for you a house in a way NiceAnd the A native (Enough Low cost), we have it all thoughts Plus Nice In the form of craft. made of Do it yourself Your best friend, you don’t need a lot of skill or a big investment to make it look good. Fiance.

In fact, we have a new one trendsWhich includes birthday the color Has risenalso Pinkmas, as it is known in the Anglo-Saxon world, which you can do with a rose tree or simply combine all the things you find in the house with this color. Either way, we tell you how to do it so you don’t get lost.

But beware, fear not, we have it too Christmas in classic formIn fact, you can do different things with what you already have at home. Already hallucinating in advance, because you want to do everything. Of course, for the first, go collect cardboard …

Pink Christmas trees to use as centerpieces

You don’t have to buy a giant pink Christmas tree to join the Pinkmas trend, smaller ones are fine. To get them… Scroll down a bit, we’ll tell you how.

Santa Claus with pom-poms

Who has a lot? For us, of course, no. Of course, good management with Poms takes some training.

Christmas tree decorations with cloth and old photos

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You don’t need to know much about sewing to make these Christmas decorations using fabric and old photos (sometimes glue is a good alternative), you just need to choose well, make the transfer and create magic.

Decorate for Christmas with little boats and matches

This simple and warm Christmas decoration involves joining some matches with a birthday candle. Simple and beautiful, as in the case of this photo, a simple glass bowl was used.

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