The Ministry of Culture demands “tight” security measures for museums after the attacks of activists

The ministry’s letter specifically refers to the “prohibition of bringing things and drinks into rooms,” as well as backpacks and large parcels, “umbrellas or sharp objects.”

The Ministry of Culture has sent a notification to the museums “He urged them to take strict security measures and be comprehensive” According to the usual access rules for visitors.

This call comes after two Just Stop Oil activists threw soup at the celebrity panel “sunflower” By Vincent Van Gogh At the National Gallery in London as part of an effort to raise awareness of world hunger.

The culture message refers in particular to “Prohibition of Submission In-room items and drinks”Beside Backpacks and BagsUmbrellas or sharp objects.

In this sense, the director of the Prado Museum, Miguel Vallomir, confirmed yesterday that the art exhibition “the watchful eye and of course intensifies the work of observation and care” after the event in London.

“We completely trust the professions (Prado),” Vallomir insisted, presenting the exhibition “Another Renaissance. Spanish Artists in Naples at the beginning of Cinquecento”.

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