The Minister of Culture denounces the Attorney General of Peru who indicted Pedro Castillo

Minister of Culture and Member of Parliament Betsy Chavez The Prosecutor General of Peru denounced, Patricia Benavides, before Congress after filing a constitutional lawsuit against President Pedro Castillo for allegedly leading a criminal organization. Chávez denounced Benavides before the legislature for being part of a “systematic plan to destabilize the government.”

This is the first time in 200 years that an indictment has been filed against the country’s president. These are questions that since the incumbent president’s government began, in July 2021, with the intention of Handing over jobs and jobs in exchange for perks And that in the aforementioned organization, which Pedro Castillo is supposed to lead, former ministers Juan Silva and Gayner Alvarado, his nephews, his wife Lilia Paredes, his sister-in-law (in detention since last August) and the former Secretary of the Government Palace, Bruno Pacheco.

In the attorney general’s complaint against the head of state, Pedro Castillo, of 376 pages, the government is accused of using police and intelligence agencies to pursue and erase evidence related to the criminal network of which it is a part. “A new type of coup has begun to be carried out in Peru,” the president said, while denying all the accusations against him.

Unthinkable Crimes

The ABC obtained a document from the Minister of Culture, Betsy Chavez, in which it is stated that “the constitutional complaint submitted as a financial condition for the indictment of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, explicitly records offenses not contemplated in Article 117 of our political constitution, which prohibits or does not allow directing The indictment of the eminent person goes beyond four express presumptions, and shows that far from acting objectively and within the constitutional framework, it would place the prosecution as part of the A systematic plan to destabilize the governmentThat is, giving a purely political connotation to its financial work.

According to the text, as a public servant, Benavides is obliged to frame her actions according to the principle of legality, meaning that she can only demand or demand actions that are expressly authorized by law (in this case, the Constitution). This does not happen in this case. The official in question, although there is an express provision of the Magna Carta that it is not appropriate to subject the President of the Republic to the procedure of constitutional impeachment, “acts against Castillo, according to the document sent to the legislature where the complaint is to the Attorney General, who already has List of applications to be rejected due to misconduct in the position.

successive political crises

The constitutional complaint against the president has opened a Pandora’s box in a country experiencing successive political crises. Since 2016, no president has completed his five-year term. Peru saw the passing of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Martin Vizcarra, Manuel Merino and Francisco Sagaste. In July 2021, after the pandemic – which left more than 200,000 dead – rural educator Pedro Castillo was elected.

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