The millionaire is the expense of the Minister, Analina Berbock, in makeup

The German Taxpayers’ Association has tracked the budgets of federal ministers and formulated thirty concrete proposals in the “Federal Budget Savings Book 2023”. One of the chapters that has garnered the most attention is the one that notes that it is in the first year of a “semaphore coalition” government, in which Social Democrat Olaf Scholz governs with the Greens and Liberals, government spending on hairdressers and photographers. Makeup artists rose 80% up to 1.5 million euros. It is true that former Chancellor Merkel was particularly stingy with these budget items, but the increase was so great that the Assembly decided to delve into the matter and discovered a particularly black spot: the expenses of a make-up artist who works exclusively for Foreign Minister Analina Berbock That adds up to €137,000.

Until last September’s election, Berbock, a former leader of the Green Party, often appeared at political rallies and TV interviews wearing floral-print dresses with leather jackets, which “wasn’t the case,” the fashion expert told Punt magazine. Always well-chosen, sometimes it seemed inappropriate or, even worse, uninteresting.” His new stylists, however, at the expense of the general budget, achieved a “look More mature and more serious«.

Berbock distanced himself from the blazer-suit look and drew inspiration from icons such as Christine Lagarde, at the head of the European Central Bank, or Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of New Zealand, with More feminine bets and a very natural make-up, intended to emphasize her special facial features, with which she obtains the appearance of a self-confident woman. None of this satisfies German taxpayers, who complain only about the budget line used for this purpose, three years after the crisis brought Germany’s public debt to record levels and have demanded “private money” financed by credit.

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My precious make-up artist’s name is Claude Fromen, who’s in charge of the MFA 7,500 euros per month In addition to travel and material expenses. He accompanies her on all of her travels as part of the unofficial Barbock delegation and can only be seen in the back row of the delegation, if present. He asserts on his website that his professional goal is “Let your customers shine”. In addition to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, among them are high-ranking officials of the Regional Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Ministry of Education.

She was assigned to CDU Lichtenberg in Berlin and managers from Porsche, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank and TUI Cruises GmbH. On television, she works as a costume designer for ZDF, Arte and Spiegel-TV, among others. As a trained hairdresser, I studied in the United States on a scholarship and passed state exams Shaving and beautyHe explains his career, and admits that he uses “energetic cranial massage with essential oils” to improve the appearance of his regulars.

Baerbock first acquired its services in 2018, but had to take it down because of the price. But since she was a minister, she was not separated from her. The Taxpayers Association acknowledges that the cost is small compared to other amounts spent on PR, but insists that, in Times of inflation and new debtwould be a good sign to reduce expenses of this kind.

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