The method of charging through Bizum that not many freelancers know about

Criticism is seeing a receding present leading to an uncertain future, a negative trend accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic’s push toward Digitization. Nowadays it is very common Card payment Small amounts like coffee or a loaf of bread and there are indeed many who go out into the street without coins or bills in their pockets and pull out a card or the well-known phrase “I’ll make you a bizum”.

Its success lies in its simplicity, since it is only necessary to associate an account number with a phone number and know the recipient’s phone number to use it. But the company created a new one Restrictions on sending and receiving money.

Although it has only been in operation for five years, in that short period of time this transfer app has become quite popular An indispensable tool today All banks were forced to include this Careers in Mobile banking applications.

Today it is no longer necessary to explain what Bizum is and why you use it: it allows you to make mobile payments, making payments in practice No need to carry cash in your pocket.

Tool for the self-employed

There is more and more small business that resort to this option To complete transactions with their customers, because of the ease involved and because of the great use that young people make of this method. By allowing direct and instant payments, much like a transfer, its use is becoming more widespread.

If you have doubts about whether you can use this app to charge customers, you can refer to this app the list on their website, They bring together all the freelancers and small businesses that can choose to be charged in this way.

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how do you do that?

You should Call with none Banks adhered to the Bizum system To manage a business agreement. The bank itself will explain to the entrepreneur how he can integrate it into his business and add it to the website, if possible, the button for the application.

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Despite this, the Commercial and service terms It can vary, and it should be up to the self-employed person to choose the one that best fits their business.

Different ways of shipping

There are many ways that freelancers will be able to charge clients.

  • Across Qatari Ryal , In the case of face-to-face business. This type of payment consists of placing a code printed on the letter or products that the customer can scan to purchase or pay.

  • through a Link. The process is the same as in the previous method.

  • In the E-Commerce. The company must register on the platform and activate the payment option with Bizum.

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